Become a ShotGun Girl
Become a ShotGun Girl

If I shared this page with you and you’re reading this, then you are considered one of my good friends and I consider you a shotgun girl.

If you haven’t noticed this is a blog site and I would love for you to join me in creating the greatest blog of all times. Facebook is great don’t get me wrong but lets face it. It’s a bit overrated. I don’t want everyone and their dog to know everything about all aspects of my life and I don’t know how I can call half of them my friends when I’m pretty sure if I needed major help, they are more likely to go into hiding. Here I can come and share all my thoughts on what I am really thinking and not have the repercussions of what my distant family or so called “friends” think is a waste of cyber space.

So how to blog… Baby steps. Treat it like a diary. Fixate on an issue that you are passionate about. Tell a story- whether meaningful or funny. Ask a question that you want answers to. Get others unbiased opinion.

I picked the name Shot Gun Girls cause its just us shooting the bull about whatever and since we can’t all be together in one place and seem to have a lot going on, we can come here when we have a minute of out day, week, or whenever to talk to others who all have some of the same thoughts, struggles, or things in common.

I hope you will join me. If you are interested, let me know. I’m still figuring this thing out myself but I bet this could be a lot of fun.