Ok so for starters let me just tell you that I am by no means a big time wine con-a-whatever… I know what I like and I drink and buy what I like. I’m like a kid in a candy shop when I walk into a place that has a big selection for wine because I usually buy something I know I like and step out of the box and try something new. Tapping my fingers against one another looking for the next best thing.. or dud in.

Mostly I go for the sweets. Thanks to some of help of someone suggesting for me to try it, I went for the Moscato sold at Olive Garden. It was good stuff and a desert wine. Most of us down home country girls drink the sweet stuff or beer if you get used to it and learn to like it on a hot day. Heck. Some of us just like it.

So since I have decided to be the experimental person when it comes to wine (my cheap grand adventures), I thought I would post the results. Now before I start I would like to share with you the results of what I found while researching about chilling wines. It is a big deal to know when to chill them and when to leave them alone. (Kenny Rogers just popped into my head…) http://wine.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Wine_Serving_Temperatures

Stone Hill Pink Catawba

Got to give credit where credit it due. Thanks to my Sis-In Law for introducing me to this one. Really nice wine. Made in Hermann, MO. Serve chilled with a twist top. Catawba is a grape used to make juice, jellies, jam or in this case a great dessert wine. Will def be buying this one again and it is a good price too. I’m not going to go into the flavors or the crispness and all that because I am a firm believer that everyone who is not a wine expert knows what they like. My belief is that if you are a sweet wine drinker like me, you will like this wine if you want to try something new.

Cul-De-Sac Sweet Red

So after a trip into the store for Mom looking for some sweet blush wine they didn’t have, the man suggested I try this one. For $5, you really couldn’t ask for a better deal. It was sweet but not sickenly so. And it’s a SWEET RED. I prob wouldn’t have even bought it if not for the name. Seriously Cul-De-Sac has me thinking of one of my favorite shows Cougar Town (which happens to be coming back on with a new season this week. (SOOO SOO EXCITED!!!))  I can see this guy being poured into Big Carl. Serve Chilled.

Lindeman's Chardonnay

And lastly, we have a chardonnay…Lindeman’s is all the way from Australia. Supposed to have combined flavours of peach and melon and while it was good for a sec, it isn’t my favorite. Def not a sweet wine. Bahahaha! Its a Chardonnay, which aren’t sweet wines. I did pour some in our mushrooms that we stuck in the cast iron and stuck on the grill. Those were delicious. I’m sure it is a good wine since it has won 250+ medals… so says the sticker, but I doubt I will be buying it again any time soon. Serve chilled and I did experiment with the different temps to see how that changed/ enhanced the flavors.

Time to go refill- Kalamity