Recently I have a bunch of free time where I get to do nothing but peruse the internet or read (Don’t even get me started on the last book I just finished…) and came across this website called ipersonic.

You get to take a little personality quiz and they tell you what kind of personality you have. I thought I would share mine and give my opinion to the side italicized beside it. Let’s begin.

Groundbreaking Thinkers are charming, enthusiastic persons. They really bubble over with energy and like to take centre stage. I totally see the bubbly energy but not so much center stage… I just like to be on the stage…They love variety both professionally and privately. Yes. Groundbreaking Thinkers tackle changes consistently with their optimism and firm belief in their own abilities; they are always on the look-out for improvement possibilities. I do love improvement my job and home are definitely big results of that and I still see room for improvement.

Their excellent communication skills are of great advantage to them here. I do love to talk although I don’t seem to do much talking as I do typing. They approach the world with curiosity and openness and master new situations with a great deal of talent for improvising and with resourcefulness. I’m the girl who opens up wiki to see what are the origins or something. As for resourcefulness, that started at a young age. You should see what happens when an 8 year old tells the adults to grab a tub so we can siphon the water out of a pool. You would have thought I was a baby genius. Their spare time is taken up with a large number of hobbies; LARGE?!? Try huge… most Groundbreaking Thinkers like to travel in order to gather as many different impressions as possible. I miss traveling. Hell I would love to just go to a different town sometimes. This personality type is unbeatable at discovering new possibilities. I think this comes with trying to do something different everyday.

In their work, Groundbreaking Thinkers highly rate challenges and diversified tasks. Oh how I love a good challenge. They cannot stand routine and too detailed work. They love to astound others with bold ideas for an original, new project and then leave it up to the others to implement them. Yep. I don’t like too detailed work but I can see it being detailed. Now if I can just push this off for someone else to finish…Hierarchies, rules and regulations arouse their opposition and they love outsmarting the system. I don’t know about outsmarting the system. Maybe the way others are with the system. I was taught to play by the rules and hold a higher value than some do. I think that is why I’m the outcast sometimes… (Not sure outcast is the right word there.) It is vital to them that they enjoy their work; if this is the case, they quickly become pure workaholics. Blogging is more fun than work and my job is slow right now but come spring time its all work up to my neck and I do love that.  Their creativity best takes effect when they work independently; but they are very good at motivating others and infecting them with their optimistic nature. I make it my goal to have a smile on my face and a pep in my step because I know that those two things are contagious. Others seem to catch it when I’m around. (It’s no good when I get the blues. It’s written all over my face.)  Conceptual or advisory activities appeal especially to Groundbreaking Thinkers. Activities?!?! Sign me up!!! It can happen that some people feel somewhat duped by their flexible, spontaneous nature. My husband still tells me I’m weird from time to time.

Their sociability and enterprise ensure that Groundbreaking Thinkers always have a large circle of friends and acquaintances in which activity plays an important role. I have a large circle of friends but that seems to be more regional than quantified. The friends I have will always be my friends and that is important. I wish we had more activities though. As they are mostly in a good mood, they are popular and very welcome guests. Mostly! There is very few houses I can walk into. HEHE. I know which ones they are. Grumbling and peevishness are unknown to them. Not big on complaining unless everyone else is and then again I’m still not big on it. However, they do tend to be a little erratic and unstable when it comes to obligations and this makes them appear to be unreliable to some. This is true. I will make up my mind and over think something so many times but most the time I will be there. Word is word. Groundbreaking Thinkers are very critical and demanding when it comes to picking a partner because they look for the ideal relationship and have a very concrete picture of this ideal relationship. You got that right.  Mutual aims in life are very important to them. Luckily, Aaron and I have the same goals for the most part. They do not like compromising and would rather remain alone. You know I get enough alone time now to say I’m probably too alone sometimes. I do enjoy it but I’m all for compromises as long as they are fair. For the partner, it is often a challenge to have a long-term relationship with a Groundbreaking Thinker. There is very few things my husband don’t get along on and they are very menial. Only challenges we have are over my dog, and spending time with family on holidays but what couple doesn’t have issues with that. OH and I make too good food. Working on the waistelines at the moment. Groundbreaking Thinkers need a lot of space and diversity or otherwise they become bored and feel cramped. I don’t like taking the same route to work every time or walking the same path every day and sometimes I read a Christian based novel and then a dirty romance. My music tastes are on every end of the charts. I have to really agree with this. Types who are rather more traditionalistic often have problems with the willingness of Groundbreaking Thinkers to take risks and their often crazy, spontaneous actions. So I grew up in a Baptist church and I love to dance. HEHE! You get it, you get it? However, if one can summon up sufficient flexibility and tolerance for them, one will never be bored in their presence and will always have a loyal and faithful partner. Or friend. I am pretty awesome.

Adjectives that describe your type-
extroverted, theoretical, logical, spontaneous, rational, innovative, intellectual, open, independent, curious, enterprising, analytical, clever, enthusiastic, venturesome, inventive, energetic, sociable, optimistic, non-conformist, creative, freedom-loving, charming, able to get enthusiastic, self-confident, communicative, capricious, inconsistent, outgoing

So yeah, I think they hit the nail on the head. How about you? Or did you even make it this far? If so, here is the site so you can do it too.

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