Here I am 27 years old and seem to have these waves of nostalgia when I see something that brings back memories of my youth. Growing up in the country, where you only went to town when you needed to pick up groceries for the next couple of weeks cause gas was too high (HA!! What now?) and beans and corn bread were a staple, entertainment was brought to you by the big tube TV. Bunny ears usually worked but with only about 5 channels, there wasn’t much on. We relied on the good ole video store to bring us entertainment when the sun went down. Your butt had better be cleaning your room or outside playing if it was nice out.


 Just the other day, I went into the liquor store that used to be the home of the video store when I was growing up. It is so weird going in there now. Blockbuster was always too far away and prices used to be reasonable at the local store so we would go in and spend a good amount of time finding a rental for that evening along for the next 3 days (3 day rental what is that?). The lighting was always dim and usually a movie was playing on the tv’s above you. I always got creeped out on the Horror aisle thinking that the boogey man himself was going to pop out and get me. When I got my license and went to work for the grocery store in that same shopping center, the guy in produce was dating the girl that worked at the movie store talked about “having fun in the back” and making out with her in there. If those walls could talk, the story they would tell.

So now that you know my age, guess you can figure out exactly what year I was born in. Movies were a big part of my life and still are and really the value that they put on some of them in the bargain bin at Walmart doesn’t do ‘em justice. I want to share with you the movies that I grew up watching along with a story or two. I decided I will start with the early 80’s first and then work my way up.

Those Early 80’s Movies-


The Fox and the Hound– Like all kids out there, we had to have EVERY Disney movie. Mom and Dad had just about everyone in its signature white box. The Fox and the Hound was a good one but was sad for me. Any movies with dogs though and I was all for watching.


The Man from Snowy River– I think any kid that was raised out in the country had to have seen this movie, but I still discover some that haven’t and still I’m amazed. But usually by the time they make it to college, they have been introduced to the greatest horseman there ever was. The music and the epic scene of him coming down the mountain on his horse are forever stuck in my mind and were probably acted out a few times on our horse and later four-wheeler coming down a ridge… This movie was such a big part of my life that my Dad walked me down the aisle to Jessica’s Theme.


Footloose– The music is awesome, the dancing is awesome. Anytime I hear Footloose by Kenny Loggins, I just want to jump onto the dance floor and shuffle my feet to the beat. I still haven’t seen the new one…

The Neverending Story– When we finally did get cable, this movie was on all the time. I don’t think I ever saw it all the way through all at once. It was always this part here and then catching the other half at a different time. We were always headed to Grandpa’s house or something. Kids really don’t know about things like that anymore with the invention of DVR.

 Gremlins– I do not recall watching this entire movie. I’m sure it was on the not allowed to watch list but it came on sometimes, and I heard about it from others. I learned not to feed such cute creatures after midnight and what looked cuddly wasn’t always. I did have a Furby for a short, short period of time and the resemblance was just too much. (You see I’m that girl who during scary previews thinks about puppy dogs and kittens.)

A Nightmare on Elm Street– If you make it to your teens without being tortured with one horrific scary movie, you are a lucky one. My sister and I ended up watching this at the neighbors one night and slept downstairs in the living room for the next month waiting for the furniture to turn into Freddy and eat us. I tried not to look at street signs either.


Enemy Mine– It’s an out of this world movie about another planet. Of course, we humans are trying to take over. This movie cracks me up because throughout the years I think about it and can never remember the name of the movie. I always have to look it up. Before the internet was so handy, I would ask Dad what movie was it with the alien and Dennis Quaid…  You know where the alien had the baby and Dennis Quaid help raise it??? Good Movie. I seem to have forgotten the name again already.

Ladyhawke– As the title states, it’s a movie about a lady who turns into a hawk by day and her true love that turns into a wolf at night. Set back in the time of castles, and knights in shining armor where the church ruled over the people. Navarre and Isabeau…sigh. Matthew Brodrick brings the comedy to this one as a thief trying to help them lift the curse.

Last but not least-

-A comedy drama about 5 teenagers stuck in detention together one Saturday. Coming from all the different stereotypes in school, they soon realize they have a lot more in common besides just being in the same room together. I think we can all relate to this one.

Next time I will share the late 80’s movies. I hope you enjoy!

In case you’re wondering, I did my homework on this one and pulled up “Most Popular Feature Films Released 1980 to 1989”. I picked out the ones from the first 500. Could spend hours on Memory Lane.

Here is the link if you would like to start your own trip:,1989&sort=moviemeter,asc&start=1&title_type=feature

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