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Deer Hunting season is almost over, but I believe it is officially over for this household. We’ve had a good season minus the rifle debacle… They just don’t work well when they are in 2 pieces… We have enough meat in the freezer to last the whoooolllleeeeee year. Deer-which, Deer Tacos, Deer roast, Fried Deer (on the cheat days..), Dirty Deer Rice, Deer Spaghetti… At this point I feel like Bubba Gump only more redneck.

Lord, we are thankful for it though. Beef is good. Beef is sooooo good but dang it if it ain’t expensive.

Lookin' Fer Signs
Lookin’ Fer Signs

We filled up the feeders and actually did some scouting this year which paid off. I ended up proving my husband wrong on the fact that you can hunt successfully out of a blind. Proved that in one sitting by getting a buck and a doe. Ain’t no yuppy here either, cause I had to clean them myself in 30 degree weather at night. Saw a skunk that evening cross our path right in front of us. Luckily I saw him and we waited a minute before we continued on to the truck.

A Scrape by B.O.B
A Scrape by B.O.B

Lots of good scrapes too. We ended up putting up some new two-person-stands, which by the way aren’t really meant for two people who are a little overweight wearing all their camou. So as my Mama would say, they are two acre butt stands. Naming things are kind of my thing so we have the red seated stand, B.ig O.le B.uck’s stand, and the black gate stand.

We also got walkie-talkie for Christmas the previous year so we tried those out and tried to coordinate good times to turn them on and if there is one thing I have learned in my days of hunting with my husband is there is his way and my way of hunting.

(Thank goodness he cares nothing of blogging because there will be something I’m sure to get wrong even though I wish had a recorder for that one time he told me different.)

His ways of thinking…

I don’t need scent blocker. I just need to make sure this either never gets washed or sits in the closet for the next year until I pull it out again. I don’t need to take showers on the consecutive days that I hunt. Midday hunting is useless. Don’t carry phone with me anywhere when I hunt by myself, I will never fall out of a tree stand or something else dangerous. There is no way you can stalk a deer, the best thing to do is to sit tight. Only the lucky ones get a deer by walking around. I don’t check the rules and regs because I hunt on private property and have my lifetime (which in doing so causes conflict when some of the regs that do change). I find out about changes from other hunters and believe them or from my wife and argue with her until proven wrong. I only need my camou, ammo, and gun or bow to go hunting.

My way of thinking…

Scent block everything before we go out. Take showers with non scented soap. Wash all camou with non scented washing soap. Midday hunting would be nice if my husband would try it on the days deer don’t seem to be moving in the mornings. I have seen a deer before it has seen me and snuck up on it within 40 yards so I would like to try stalking. Read the rules and regs every year and keep up with the wildlife facebook for their weekly trivia to help familiarize myself better with how the rules work. I wish I had a lifetime… Argue with husband on hunter orange that bow hunters wear when its gun season. I need my camou, ammo, gun, or bow, and my bag packed with everything I could possibly need in the woods like tags, zip ties, grunt call, binos… etc…

Now one last thing I will add.

As stated on the wildlife site:

All hunters participating in any antelope, bear, deer or elk season using a firearm (muzzleloader or gun) must wear both a head covering and an outer garment above the waistline, both totaling at least 400 square inches of hunter orange that are clearly visible while in the field. Camouflage hunter orange is legal as long as there are at least 400 square inches of hunter orange.

 Antelope, bear, deer or elk hunters using archery equipment during any antelope, bear, deer or elk firearms (muzzleloader or gun) season in any open hunting area (zone, county, or area) must conspicuously wear EITHER a head covering or an outer garment above the waistline consisting of hunter orange. Camouflage hunter orange is legal.

Right there where it says EITHER a head covering or basically a vest is where one of the biggest arguments started. He said it had to be the 400 square inches when they have a different set of rules for bow hunters. Did I say that this regulation made sense?? No. You are still out there hunting with a bow while someone else is out there hunting with a gun that has a scope and can put you right in their sites and let’s face it accidents happen. Needless to say, I will be wearing both a head covering and a vest if I so choose to hunt with a bow during gun season.

He really has been hunting longer than me so he knows alot more and I still have a bunch to learn. Who knows maybe one day, all I will grab when I walk out the door is my camou, ammo, and gun.

Is it Spring Yet? Ready to do some fishing…


Until Next Time
Until Next Time