Yesterday I acquired two new Friends…


This is Granger and


This is June

They are brother and sister, about 4 months old, and the sweetest little cats. Granger loves to cuddle and June has already found her spot on top of the couch. They have their own little personalities too. I made the mistake this morning of trying to feed them out of the same bowl. Granger went straight to the bowl and started to chow down (like all boys do) and June was patiently¬†sitting back and waiting. So I picked up June and took her to the food bowl…what does Granger do? Hit his sister! Needless to say they will be eating out of their own food bowls from now on.

So these little stinkers seam to have a magic little talent to poop A LOT! and it stinks bad! Thus this will be a candle review! I’ll be reviewing the 3 candles in the first picture.

The first candle is Celebrate Christmas by Yankee Candle. I love me some Yankee Candle. They smell so good in their jars. This one is huge and they last a very long time. But they are expensive (this one costs $25 at Kohl’s…YIKES). And the worst part…it does a bad job at covering up the smell of the cat poop!

The next candle was made for me by my good friends Shelly. This candle smells fantastic! Plus I love that it is in a mason jar! I love this candle, because it has a wood wick, which makes it sound like its own little fire as the wick crackles as it burns. Shelly’s candle does a great job at covering up the poopie smell, but I’ll have to tell you her secret…she used the ENTIRE jar of fragrance in this one candle!

The last candle is one of my new favorites. Its the Warm Cinnamon Buns candle by Swan Creek Candle Co. They make 100% American Soybean Wax candles (Who doesn’t love buying American Made!!!) They are clean burning, lead free ( candles have lead in them?), and smell amazing! They only cost something like $12.99. They sell varying sizes of candles and they even sell the wax for your wax burners. The best part about this candle…it covers up the poop smell the best!

So if you can’t get yourself a Shelly special, I suggest you look at getting yourself a Swan Creek

till next time