My Saturday nights sure have changed over the past 10 years.

In college (almost 10 years ago), you would find me partying with friends either in Ada or here at home. I would stay out late and get up to work the next morning. I had so much energy and only needed a couple of hours of sleep to function.

After I met the Hubs, most of my Saturday nights were spent with him.

After marriage and I started working at the hospital, my Saturday nights were spent at work, since my shifts were every Friday and Saturday night. When I took a job and worked five 8 hour shifts, I would have one Saturday night off every 3 weeks and those were spent with my hubs and best of friends.

After I found out I was pregnant, I prayed that a job would come along and I could get off nights. That’s when it was announced that our hospital was transitioning to an a new EMR and an EMR team needed to be established. Our LIS Analyst joined the EMR team, and I took over her position. It was all in perfect timing.

Ever since taking that job, I am off on Saturday nights. A year ago, I was searching for the perfect nursery décor and learning how to breastfeed on my Saturday nights, now I enjoy them snuggled up with my baby and hubs on the couch, or if we have a baby sitter, I am out with friends. Its amazing to me how my life has changed over the past 10 years.

Anyways, tonight, I had the chance to go out with friends, but Little Bit is not feeling well and so fussy, that I stayed in and am making a Meal Plan and Grocery List for next week. The importance of staying on track with healthy eating is planning! Tomorrow is food prep day and I will prepare all breakfast and lunches out for the week and have all the ingredients put together for the dinners. It takes about an hour to plans meals and a few hours to prepare, but it helps me stay on track. I am feeling better than I have in months, and I know it is because I am eating healthier and taking Advocare.

Well, I am going to resign. I am so tired and need to get up early for grocery shopping and to get Little Bit ready for his Valentine pictures.

Love to all.

~Belle Starr