I’ll admit I’m not the best in the kitchen. I do ok most of the time and I excel at baking. I must also admit
that I hoard recipes on Pinterest…. Always wondering if they are any good. So last week I decided I am
going to start trying these recipes. Since the hubs and I were both starting to come down with a cold, I
thought my first try should be something easy and something we would want to eat while sick. I thought
about it on my way to Walmart for orange juice and cold meds, and decided on these No Bake Energy
Bites. The ingredients alone sound good, mix them together and they sound like heaven!

1 cup dry oatmeal

½ cup chocolate chips

½ cup ground flaxseed

½ cup peanut butter

1/3 cup honey

1 tsp. vanilla

All the Ingredients

Here is the link for where I found the recipe: http://fabulousfoodblog.com/2012/11/29/my-favorite-snack-ever-so-healthy-no-bake-energy-bites-1-cup-dry-oatmeal-12-cup-chocolate-chips-12-cup-peanut-butter-12-cup-ground-flaxseed-13-cup-honey-1-tsp-vanilla/

These seemed easy enough and I had everything but the flaxseed at home. Unfortunately the recipe
didn’t come with any instructions, but I’ll share with you all what I did.

First, I measure out all my dry ingredients into a medium mixing bowl. Then I stirred them up as best I
could. With them all being different textures, they didn’t want to mix very well. The Oatmeal wanted to
stay at the top.

Then I measure in my wet ingredients and started stirring with my rubber spatula.

Mix Mix Mix!
Mixing with the Rubber Spatula

This worked fairly well, but I could tell it just wasn’t getting the consistency right. Time to get my hands dirty. So I finished
mixing the dough with my hands and started making balls.

Getting the consistency right

I laid them out on waxed paper, though I think parchment paper would also work. I made the balls
about the size of pingpong balls.

Forming the balls

Overall I was very very happy with them. They made a fantastic breakfast and stuck with
me until noon. Next time I will make the balls smaller so that they are more bite size and will hopefully
dry out a little more. I think they would even be good without the chocolate chips… But I don’t think I’ll
test that. After all, these are a great semi-healthy excuse to eat chocolate at breakfast!

The finished product!

Thanks to the Hubs for taking the pics, though he did get distracted and snap some of my butt… Which
he thought was hilarious. And no, I will not be sharing those here. Though Hubs seemed to think they
were VERY important in the whole process.

-Little Britches