This Christmas Season was a whirlwind for me. My parents came down to visit me for Christmas this year, because I work long retail hours and the drive home is a 4 hour drive. My folks arrived in Norman Christmas Eve day, mom and I did our holiday food shopping, made some late lunch and started getting ready for Christmas Eve service (Christmas Eve service is a tradition in my house and we never miss it). On our way to church my father got one of the most devastating phone calls of our lives. One of the most beloved people in my life had passed away. I loved my Aunt Leslie very much, she means the world to me. I had the privilege to see her twice this year (she lives in Ohio and I only see her a few times every couple of years). Anyways, my boss was able to let me work it out that I could go up to Ohio for an entire week to help take care of my family and allow them to arrange the funeral and take care of my Aunts estate.


This is where the book comes into play…A few months ago Kohl’s started selling Duck Dynasty books and of course I bought one. I just never found the time to read it. So when my Aunt passed away I made sure to pack the book for the plane. And let me tell you I read half the book on the way there and the other half on the way back (I NEVER read that fast!).

This was a fantastic book and a must read for someone that has any interest in the family at all. Willie and Korie co-authored the book and it is told from the both of them, although Wille  is the main author. The book is truly about how faith, family, and ducks shaped and changed their lives.

The book tells you the story of Phil and Kay’s relationship and the hardships they face…I’m not going to lie in the beginning of the book you are MAD at Phil! The Willie tells you about how him and Korie met, where Korie and her family came from, and how they made it to being the CEOs of a multimillion dollar company. They talk about their faith and how faith truly leads their life. Wille talks about some of his business philosophies and tells you what made them successful. At the end of the day this is just a good read about some good people that are just trying to be the best people that they can be and in a Godly manner. They aren’t perfect people, they definitely have a southern mindset about a lot of things, but I suggest that you read this book. It is an easy read and a quick one and you wont want to put it down!

On my next trip, which will be in February…to PARIS!! I’ll read Happy, Happy, Happy and I’ll tell you all about it!

till next time