My first post I did on movies were from the early 80’s. I obviously can’t cover ALLLLLLL of them but I wanted to be able to tell you a story or share a scene or something about a few movies from that time period that were part of my family entertainment growing up.

I’ll never forget as a little kid walking down the stairs to see Dad watching something on the tv and asking what he was watching. His reply was the One- Eyed- Monster. Needless to say I wasn’t into monsters and since I didn’t realize he was referring to the television, back up the stairs I went.

Televisions themselves and I, seem to have a history but anyone growing up in the 90’s did. It usually took atleast 2 people to carry one in, and a hernia to boot. The older televisions were much worse I suspect. I remember going down and spending the night at a friend’s Grandma’s house down in Ada. She had an one old television on top of the other cause the sound worked on one but the picture worked on the other. Now that is redneck right there!!! I love it!!!

So here are the nostagic movies from the late 80’s:


Milo and Otis-We never owned this one but I’m pretty sure I was nuts over this one. Like watching it over and over and over. Maybe thats why we never owned it. About a cute orange tabby and a pug growing up together on a farm that end up going on an adventure together. What’s not to love?

Top Gun– If you don’t know about Top Gun, you have been living under a rock. One summer, I went to the lake with friends and nicknames were given out to some of the boys. You should watch this one if you don’t know about the nicknames. Who could forget about this scene??

The Money Pit-Tom Hanks has made alot of movies, but this is one of the ones where you just laugh.  Shelley Long and Tom play in this movie as a couple trying to renovate this really cool old house. This thing is huge but everything goes wrong before it goes right. Hilarious. I love this one part where he is laughing like a donkey at something that has just went horrible wrong. How many times have you felt like doing that? One of my favorite scenes is where he gets stuck in the floor. He’s on the second story and steps on the rug only to sink down and get stuck to where he can’t move.

I cannot imagine. I would freak.
I cannot imagine. I would freak.


Can’t Buy Me Love– Before Patrick Dempsey was hot, he played this nerd that mowed this popular cheerleaders grass. She got into a bind when she spilt some wine on her Mom’s jacket that she didn’t have permission to borrow and a deal was made that if she helped him get popular, he would pay for a new jacket to replace the old (which was alot of money.) Needless to say, the deal ended up going terribly wrong. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS MOVIE.

Patrick Dempsey is so hot here!!! I would so go for a ride on that mower.
Patrick Dempsey is so hot here!!! I would so go for a ride on that mower.

Dirty Dancing-6 words: Nobody puts Baby in a corner. Need I say more. If you like dancing movies, this is one of the top movies you need to watch. The ending is pretty epic too.


The Land Before Time– Recently my youngest nephew has become fascinated with dinosaurs so you can imagine how proud I was since this was also one of my favorite movies that I did own growing up. Pretty sure the tracking got worse the more I watched it. I absolutley loved brontosauruses because of Little Foot and hated T-Rex. I still don’t like T-Rexes though.


All Dogs Go To Heaven– I’m a sucker for dog movies if you can’t tell. I see this one on occasionally and can’t watch it. I know I will cry at the end. LOL.

Prancer– This movie is about a little girl who helps nurse one of Santa’s reindeer back to good health. The scene where she is feeding him sugar cookies is one of my favorite parts. Sam Elliot is in it as the misunderstanding father. I’m a huge Sam Elliot fan so it has to be good!

Turner and Hooch-Another great Tom Hanks movie. And that dog!!! Tom Hanks plays a detective who decides to use the dog’s owner to find his killer. Funny movie and the reactions he has with the dog is just as every owner feels when it comes to unruly pets.

Always– I love Steven Spielberg movies, but who doesn’t. Richard Dreyfuss is in this one who plays a Fire Fighting Pilot who dies and is trying to make everything alright before he crosses over. If my Dad had a list of favorite movies, this one is on it. It’s easy to see why. John Goodman Plays in this one.

Driving Miss Daisy– To this day I still hear people being referred to as “Driving Miss Daisy”. A good movie about a relationship between an elderly woman develops over the years with her driver. Great Movie. Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy play in this one.

Field of Dreams– I used to run around saying “If you build it, they will come.” Still to this day, that analogy is stuck in my head on occasion. Recently over this blog. Kevin Costner, which I have always loved, plays a farmer who keeps hearing this voice. He builds it alright. He builds a baseball diamond and ends up with a nice surprise for his hardwork.

Steel Magnolias-A cast with Sally Fields, Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton, Shirley Maclaine… The list goes on and on. It’s a movie about close friends who are there through the good and the bad. Enjoy the unforgettable lines.

So the last one on the list for 1989 is actually a mini-series that came out that year and later became available as a set. I have sat through the wholllle she bang in one sitting and it is on every Country Boys and Girls list of movies to see. Atleast it should be.

Lonesome Dove-About a bunch of Cowboys who move cattle from Texas up to Montana and share in the good times and the bad. When I was little I remember the scene where they were crossing the river and a pit of snakes killed one of the cowboys. I always thought of that scene when I was around a snake. Ick!!! If you know what a poke is, called a girl named Laurie- Laurie Darlin’, then you know all about this man:

Augustus McCrae
Augustus McCrae

Robert Duvall was such a charmer and Tommy Lee Jones lives up to why he plays a great cowboy or a Sheriff in alot of movies.

What experience have you had with late 80’s movies?

Tune in next week for early 90’s movies…(Possibly Part I )

Pass the popcorn please.- Kalamity