WordPress’s Daily Prompt today is to tell you about the nicest thing I have ever done.

I’m a true believer that the nicest thing you have ever done is something you don’t run around telling everyone you just did. It’s the religious part of me. The nicest thing that you can do is to do something for someone else expecting nothing in return. In the bible, it talks about not bragging about your good deeds. Doing good deeds shouldn’t be that special. They should be more common to make them that way. Unfortunately in this day and age, they are very special, because they are uncommon. Such a shame. I feel okay about sharing some of the nicest things with you only because I know that I don’t know you all. I don’t want gratification for this. I want people to read this and be inspired to do a good deed and not go tell the world about it. Help the nicest things become more common. The only person who should be talking about the good deed is the person you have helped. To them it is special, which is the way it should work.

Growing up, I was taught to help when you could. You never knew when you were going to run into a modern day Lazarus. It was nothing for us girls who worked at the local grocery store to gather up money to help some poor person who ran a little over on their bill. We never thought twice about it. My Great Grandparents would help the misfortunate even when they themselves didn’t have much to give. With their JESUS SAVES license plate, they would drop what they were doing to help someone get to town. This was the way. You never heard them talk about it; you had to witness it to even know they had done it. I found out after my Grandfather passed away, that he would go down and give blood as much as he could. He had the blood type that was universal. He never told anyone. My Grandma was the only one who knew. I aspire to follow on as the unsung…

The Jacket

A few years ago, I lived completely by myself and when I say completely, I mean that friends and family lived over an hour away. I lived in this house in Stillwater all by myself.

Cassie Rose and Chloe Beth at the rent house.
Cassie Rose and Chloe Beth at the rent house.

I had 2 dogs that helped keep my sanity along with entertainment since I didn’t have cable. Most days were spent hanging out with them and watching cars and people pass by outside. Every once in a while I would see this lady in her motorized chair pass by. She would ride that this all the way to Wal-Mart which was a good 5 or 6 block to get groceries and then mosey her way back home. From a distance, I could tell she was frail looking and usually wearing a night gown. Sometimes she would have someone that I suspect was family with her.

The rent house where I used to live.
The rent house where I used to live.

Living in Oklahoma, everyone knows that one minute it can be so bright and sun shining, and the next all gone to pot. I had seen her go by on the way to the store and managed to hear through all the static that the bunny ears were causing that a small thunderstorm was coming through. I think Stillwater gets more of moody Mother Nature than others parts of the state. Like usual, I had nothing to do but watch as the fierce pellets of rain started coming down and the thunder shaking the whole house. And here she came… No Umbrella… No Coat… On that scooter that seemed to be scooting slower than normal. As if it knew it was raining. I didn’t have an umbrella…Without thinking, I grabbed the holey warn Levi jacket that I actually did like very much and ran out and put it around her.

The Levi jacket I gave her was worn by my Papa or other Grandfather. He had worn it so much that there were tears and fibers coming off. The kind that would cause kids these days to spend good money to own. It was given to me as a hand me down. I wore it all the time. The greatest thing I could ever do was to give it to someone who needed it more than I did. I have plenty of other jackets but it was the only one hanging on the rack at the moment that I could grab.

Call me a hypocrite if you must. I don’t feel like I have told you anything great. Just like breathing, it was something that I felt needed to be done so I did it. She could have gotten sick and no one likes being wet. I have never told anyone of that day. I think about it sometimes. It’s one of those instances where I did something really nice in my life and no one knows. I can’t say if it was the nicest thing I have ever done. I think the nicest things are the things people have done and never know they have made a great impact on someone else’s life.