I am such such a sucker for desserts… Anyone who knows me can tell you I have a HUGE sweet tooth! And in my last post I mentioned my limited cooking skills, so obviously any time I need to take a dish to an event I choose a dessert. This week its Bunco with my mom and a large group of ladies, including one of my fellow blog ladies!

These Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars have been staring me down every time I look at my food board on Pinterest. They looked amazing and sounded even better when I read the recipe.

The finished product!
The finished product! And I had to get my awesome salt and pepper shaker in the pic! Hi Mr Buck!

Here is the link for the recipe: http://www.everyday-reading.com/2013/03/peanut-butter-caramel-chocolate-chip.html

She had a fantastic description of the steps, and the Hubs was busy in the garage tonight so I have no process pictures.

Now I’ll admit I have not tried these yet, though I did try the cookie dough and the caramel and both were fantastic so I have super high hopes for the finished product! I’ll be sharing these with my Bunco ladies tomorrow night, so I’ll post the results later!

Love yall!

– Little Britches