If you’ve lived with me you would know that I HATE cleaning! Its not that I can’t clean, that I don’t have time to clean, or that I don’t have the supplies to clean, I just don’t like to clean. I don’t live a disgusting lifestyle and I clean my apartment before it ever gets out of hand. I keep up with the dishes and laundry, and I wipe down the counters every few days.

One of my worst habits is that I do NOT vacuum or dust enough. Anyways, my cat, Granger has been suffering from what I’m guessing are allergies, he snores, coughs, and sneezes quit a bit. I’m been reading about it and decided that I would clean the apartment today to see if that would help him with these symptoms. So I get out the vacuum.

Now my vacuum has not been working well the last few times I’ve used it. Its been making a funny sound and it hasn’t been picking up much at all. So the first thing I did was replace the filter. I used it again and it still wasn’t working right. So I start pulling somethings apart and noticed a clog…I clear the clog and still the vacuum isn’t any better. Today I pull out the ol’ vacuum and give it one last try and its picking up nothing! I know my floors aren’t this clean! So I call my dad and I said “my vacuum isn’t working…I’m not tearing this whole thing apart, but can you think of anything I can do?” So while I’m on the phone with him I start fiddln’  around and pull the hose from the main part of the vacuum….wouldn’t you know there was a HUGE I mean HUGE clog! So I clear it out and vula it works!

As my daddy said “being a little handy can really save you money!”

Let me tell you a little side story…One day Bart (my boyfriend) asked me for the key to my apartment so that he could spend the day here while at was at work to “get away from his roommates girlfriend.” So I said sure and let him borrow the key. I come home from work that day and my entire apartment was clean!! He took down my Christmas tree, put away all the ornaments, dusted, and VACUUMED! Oh and did I tell you, this was the last time that vacuum was working properly. the boy had vacuumed up all the pine needles from the tree and that along with my hair clogged the stinking thing….BOYS!

I’m still grateful for him though 🙂