Daily Prompt: Write Here, Write Now

Write a post entirely in the present tense.

A Spring Day

I look up into the sky and have to scrunch my face. It’s blindingly beautiful. Big puffy clouds are like soldiers making their way across the bright blue sky and the sun is shining down on all the dew kissed grass. It smells so fresh and clean. I take my jacket off and leave it on the gate. It is finally warming up and I love this weather.

Chance, my dog, frolics in the tall weeds making his way down to the pond. Little frogs are jumping in to get away from the black and white mutt as he plays in the shallow water. From afar, I see him dunk his nose right in and pull out a stick. Silly dog. I miss him.

I pass by the pond and continue on toward the back of the property with my Sis. The warn path is a little grow’d up, but still visible. There is a small pond back there surrounded by trees. She beats me to it with the other dogs in tow and stands up on the little mound of dirt to declare her victory for making it back there first. Typical little sister. A little creek comes in one end of the little pond and out the other. Huge goldfish are swimming on top as if they are dancing for us in the water which is weird because everyone knows fish can’t dance. There is a sparrow that skips from limb to limb making its way towards me. I try to see how close I can get to it, which much to my surprise it VERY CLOSE. He won’t let me touch him but he sings for me. Odd?

Everything is so green and lush. The trees are all leafed out and there are a couple of red buds with their purple blossoms peaking out here and there. I pull a leaf off a tree and watch as the water in the creek carries it under a fence and then I look at my sister.

“Do you remember how much fun we used to have back here? How we would bring the girls from next door and spend hours exploring and making mud pies.”

“Yea. Mama would always have to get the hose and wash us off twice!” She laughs and turns to survey the place. “The kids would love it back here.”

I start looking around again. I stop when I see a big shadow. I hear heavy footsteps coming our way. That can’t be right. There is nothing bigger than a dog around here. Maybe a deer? Then I see it! It’s not a deer. It’s a horse!!! He’s a gray Appaloosa that looks kind of like… Pepper???

“Look!” I shout and point at the horse.

“It can’t be.” She says.

“Well it is…”

He walks toward us and Chance comes to sit beside me. My sister and I stand together as all the dogs and the horse come near us. We pet him and giggle. It must be him. It’s like he never left us. We braid his hair and run our fingers through his soft spotted coat. I go to stick my hand in my pocket only to pull out a paper towel wadded up around some carrots. I give one to Pepper and start to wonder how those got in there. I must have stashed them without knowing it. I used to do that when I was little…


I’ve grown up…





I look into the old horse’s eye and he winks at me. That’s impossible. I look at Chance and he licks my hand and winks at me too. I gasp.

That’s when I woke up.