How neat is this?!

Some Kind of Lovely Ride


A few weeks ago, I ordered a set of love – themed photographs from Marianne Hope, a Norwegian travel photographer living in the Netherlands and bringing beautiful imagery and inspiring places to my Instagram newsfeed on a regular basis. When they arrived, I set to work designing a special way to display them.



Wooden Picture Frame

6 ” Grapevine Wire Ribbon (I bought mine at Michael’s for around $6)


Wire Cutters

Staple Gun


Stretch the grapevine wire ribbon across the back of the frame and staple it into the sides. (It is only wired on the outside perimeter, so the inside rows of grapevine will just break as you bend it to fit to the frame).


Use wire cutters to cut the excess wire – leaving an extra inch – and twist the wire around itself to secure it around the staple.


Stretch your burlap across the…

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