Daily Prompt: Generation XYZ

Think about the generation immediately younger or older than you. What do you understand least about them — and what can you learn from them?

I was thinking back to just the other day when I heard Uncle Si on Duck Dynasty say that if you need to record something on your VCR, you call Jep. Jep is the youngest of all the brothers. It made me laughed because at the age of 10, my Grandmother who was moving into this little apartment had fiddled with a remote to try to set the time for well over a half hour without success. I tried to tell her if she would let me do, I could put the time on it for her, easy peasy. She didn’t want to give up but since there were more pressing issues like making sure her iris pictures and Denim Days made it in okay, she gave up and went to tackle the next set of boxes. I walked right over, picked up the remote, and started setting the time. When she walked back by, she was so surprised how fast I had done it. It took measly seconds… I can never understand why the older generations find such simple or what I think is simple technology hard. Just as you would tinker with the buttons on a radio in your new car, you tinker with new technology and find out how it works. On a weekly basis, I have to help a gentleman I work with restore his Outlook to the way he used to have it. I believe he must just hold the clicker down and move it or inadvertently hit the X to close out that particular bar. I once dated a guy just a few years older who actually threw his phone in the pasture because it made him mad. Luckily for him, phones back in the day aren’t the fragile phones with carry now. He would say I don’t know why we can’t go back to filing everything by hand and get pissed because he couldn’t manage to do the class assignment in Ag Computers. I never understood what was so hard about following the directions and emailing the finished work to the professor. My Mama still gets aggravated when something happens on the newest laptop she bought. She slides her mouse over and the whole page disappears to show another she was previously on. Instead of trying to understand it, she curses a blue streak and starts all over. Why not be patient with it and try to understand how the technology works?

If there is one thing that I am learning and still learning from the older generations, it’s their ability to endure through their hardships. Younger generations seem to lack the ability to deal with the biggest of problems and feel like the whole world is caving in and the most important things are the most trivial. Older generations grew up in a time where things were simple and the motto was that “Sometimes life is hard”. One day they find out that they may not have enough money to make it to the end of the month or that the car has broke down and needs fixing so instead of letting this become a big catastrophe and telling the whole world, they kept positive and didn’t buckle under the pressure. If they did, they didn’t do it for long. No money? No food in the house? No problem. Somehow beans were enough. I doubt anyone my generation thinks to have beans as a last resort meal anymore, at least not in my neck of the woods. They would rather grumble and starve or call their parents. You’re over the age of 20, come on!!! Really??! Trucks broke down? Older Gens would call that buddy who knows that guy with the shade tree mechanic that lives next door and see if he can fix it up to at least get it running til you can take it in to the repair shop. Younger generations jump on Facebook and whine about it. The fun part is when you get lost with an older Gen on vacation. No problem. It’s a sight you never would have seen so enjoy the view and the funny stories you acquire along the way with being lost with them. Almost makes me want to leave my trusty Iphone at home before I travel.

Maybe they are on to something…