Belle Starr!!!

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PORUM, OKLAHOMA — It’s still a lonely stretch of the Canadian River in eastern Oklahoma just a few miles upstream of where it flows into the Kerr Reservoir.

Very near a spot below the Lake Eufala Dam, along a river approach still called Hoyt’s Lane, an un-known assailant killed the famous lady outlaw Belle Starr.

On February 3, 1889, amateur historian Ron Hood told us, “About 30 minutes before sundown, according to testimony, she was shot from the back left with a shotgun blast.”

Dr. Hood, a Tulsa orthopedic surgeon, has walked this path before and read the murder trial transcript identifying the exact location of her death.

“It’s very near where we’re standing,” he said.

She was almost home that evening, almost back to her cabin overlooking Younger’s Bend.

Hood continues, “The fact is that Belle Starr met her demise here and who did it remains…

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