I told you guys to be ready for some blogs!

Before Little Bit was born, I really wanted to make my own baby food. When the time came to start him on solids, The Hubs and I got sick for about 3 weeks, so we had to start him on store bought food because I was barely able to make it to work, let alone make food.

Anyways, I tried my first bunch of baby food last week. It was a disaster. Little bit hated it all. So after more research and a little bit of help from a coworker, I decided to give it one more try.

And… it was a Success!!!

I began tonight by giving Aiden an avocado and banana puree that I made using my wonderful Baby Bullet I received from a great friend for one of my baby showers. He loved it! So I decided to put a bag of frozen vegetables (corn, green beans, carrots, and peas)in  the steamer. He loved that also!

I have a basic steamer I bought at Wal-Mart for $20, the Baby Bullet, and the Infantino Fresh Squeezed Station that fills pouches of baby food. I steamed my frozen vegetables until they were soft and pureed the vegetables with a little bit of water and a scoop of formula (a trick my coworker suggested).


When it was to a desired consistency, I poured it into the squeeze station and filled his pouches.

A bag of mixed vegatables and a bag of carrots made about 2 weeks worth of food for Little Bit.
I then froze a batch and kept a few meals in the refrigerator for the next 2 days.


I bought the Infantino Fresh Squeeze Station and fillable pouches at Amazon.com. Anyone that loves pouches should check it out. I paid $15.99 for a package of 50. I love them because they are portable. Infantino also sells spoons that screw onto the pouch for easy feeding.

I loved making his baby food! I can’t wait to try more things for him tomorrow. I bought several baby food recipe books to try and hopefully he will enjoy.

Until next time. With love.

~Belle Starr