Daily Prompt: The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Publish a post in the style of a favorite author/blogger or photographer.

That got me to thinking about my buddy who was talking about the Cowboy Poet Baxter Black.  I hope I atleast kindof wrote this in his style… I like it though! Hopefully you will too.

Pier Fishing- The Big One

I decided today I would head out to the pier,
So I grabbed up my hat, my fishing pole and the rest of my gear,
Then I went on down filled up the bait bucket.
A little ambitious, I was hoping to catch a big one or just a couple of mullet.

The day was right down pretty and the sun was shining bright,
I walked down to the old pier, found my spot and cast with all my might.
I stood there and stood there and waited well over an hour,
And then all of a sudden, the fight was on, I pulled in a flounder.

I was feeling might fine, mighty fine indeed,
The flounder was a sign, positivity had sown its seed.
So I baited my hook and again casted out into the ocean,
This time I was met with a fierce pull, I pulled back in one fell motion.

The fight was on! I tried not to loose my grip,
To reel and to pull, so much weight, I almost slipped!
I tried to look over the side to see this monstrosity,
It was so fierce and very heavy, what in the world could it be?

By this time, all my excitement caused me to be very loud,
I strained and looked over my shoulder, I had drawn quite a crowd.
Minutes felt like hours, it was all I could do.
Until it broke the surface of the water, and laughter had ensued.

With surprise in my eyes, I peaked over the ledge,
To see my prize was nothing more than a seaweed covered wedge.
So I whipped out my knife and cut loose the shoe,
With laughter raining around me, I decided tonight we’d be having flounder stew!