#10 – Excess Facial Hair. Need I say more.

#9 – Male Pattern Baldness. Yes, I said Male. I have a thinning spot on the middle of my head because of this horrible disorder/syndrome/disease.

#8 – The lack of awareness this disease has.

#7 – Irregular periods. Most women would be like “You only get one or two periods a year?! That would be amazing. Why are you complaining?” Well, my friend, I like to know what my body is doing. I don’t like to be surprised, and I will just leave it at that. Let’s just say,  I have learned to carry something with me at all times.

#6 – Ovarian Cysts – They are painful. Imagine having period-like cramps almost every day of the year. Yea. Last ultrasound I had, each of my ovaries had about 20-30 on each.

#5 – Acne – Not just a pimple here or there, but cystic acne. It hurts and looks horrible.

#4 – The lack of physician knowledge of this disease. Took 2 long years to get a diagnosis. I knew I had it before the diagnosis, but couldn’t find a doctor that would help me.

#3 – Insulin Resistance – Makes weight loss oh so difficult. No one will ever understand unless you have it. I can’t just eat a piece of cake and run it off later. I eat a piece of cake and I gain 5 pounds. It also makes you crave sweets and carbs. Worse addiction I have ever had to break, and I struggle with it every day. No this isn’t diabetes. Google it if you want a better explanation of what this is.

#2 – Weight gain. Yea… I once had someone tell me that if I would just work out and eat under 1200 calories, I would be skinny. Yea, doesn’t work that way for me jerk. Takes a person with PCOS twice as hard to lose weight than someone without it. Not using it as an excuse, I still need to be healthy, but give us with PCOS a break. We are trying.

#1 – Infertility. Because of #7, I can’t get pregnant on my own. It requires doctors and medicine. My doctor actually told me I had a 5% chance of conceiving on my own. This is usually when most women figure out they have PCOS, when they can’t get pregnant. ( I want to add, women with PCOS get pregnant on their own all the time, I just was not one of them).

So, this is my little rant. I once read that PCOS affects 1 in every 15 women in the United States. That is a large group of women, yet many do not know anything about it. When I was finally diagnosed after a year of not being able to conceive, I researched PCOS for hours and hours. I made sure I understood my disease inside and out. I wish others would do so also. I wish there were physicians better equipped to handle this disease besides throwing a pack of birth control at a woman and saying “This should fix it”. I was fortunate to finally find a doctor that cared and listened.

I battle with this disease every day, along with several others that are close to me. It is important to remember to not let PCOS run your life. You can fight it. Do your research. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Find a physician that will listen to you. There is hope. I have proof in the form of a very precious little boy.

Thanks for listening. Until next time.
~Belle Starr