Daily Prompt: I Did it My Way

Describe the one decision in your life where you wish you could get a “do-over.” Tell us about the decision, and why you’d choose to take a different path this time around.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ITERATION.

I sit here and I sit here. I cannot think of anything that I would want to redo. The actions of redoing something would have consequences of how the future would turn out. I wouldn’t be where I am. I wouldn’t be with my husband. I wouldn’t live where I live. Everything I have done and every experience has caused me to be where I am and have the friends that I have. I guess that is why I have never thought about regrets because I have always lived with the mottos “No regrets.” And “There is a reason for everything.” If I missed anything, it is time with loved ones who are already gone and I know that I will see them again one day. I know in my heart though that they wouldn’t want me to be living with the regret of not spending more time with them. They want me to be happy. So that is my plan, to be happy.

Maybe I am still too young in this sense to not have regrets. I hope I stay this young.