So I haven’t been on here all day and I have this itch and need to get it scratched or maybe I just need some lotion… The air is pretty dry. COME ON SPRING!!! I do have to admit, I probably wouldn’t be posting right now if not for Little Britches pulling me out of my book coma. (Maybe I will blog about my latest J. Lynn book I’m reading later.) Mama K was texting about a recliner she found that might work for Hickory and Belle Starr was messaging me about doing a pinterest party that sooooo needs to happen, but (sigh) it’s so easy to click back over and get lost in my reading.  Telephone calls from Little Britches are a must answer and since I needed to do the dishes to make it look like I did something around her, I was happy to answer. Not a dull moment having nerdgasms over our latest shows and books we are reading. So I have to give a big shout out to my girls. You make those boring days when Hickory is at work mo’ better.

My Wednesday was pretty uneventful except with the entertainment of the girls and the Dentist. Well, okay. Maybe the Dentist and what happened afterward with a cupcake.

Let me start at the beginning. I’m supposed to be dieting but I guess I’m a little depressed since I will prob be spending my V-day like this:

This will be me while Hickory is at work.
This will be me while Hickory is at work.

So when I got to work and was offered a very nice looking cupcake, I caved. I knew the baker of said cupcake and they were so cute. Sorry I didn’t get a picture but I’m pretty sure the guys in the warehouse would have thought me weird. It had pink frosting with hearts and the cutest bow on it. The guy who brought them said he didn’t know if the bow was edible so I snapped it in half and popped a piece in my mouth. It was some sort of sugary hard thing. I ate the cupcake threw away the bow since I was pretty sure the Dentist was going to have a hey day cleaning my teeth as they were. Not saying I have a rotting head of teeth.

So I go to the Dentist a little later and come back with sore gums and shamed for not flossing. Hey! At least I brush!!! I’ll try flossing but I make no promises. I get back to work and a little later I hear the cupcakes whispering that they need to be eaten so I try to fight the urge, but I feel like I’m trapped in some movie. Yes.. Yes! No…. No! Yes… Yes! No…. No! Yes… Yes!!! Ok… Cupcake 2 Kalamity 0… So the first one had a white bow. This one was black. I was bored and decided what the heck, without thinking, I pop the bow in my mouth. Ten minutes later, I discover my mistake. I thought I had gotten pen in my mouth to discover that I now had a black tongue and teeth were a nice funky color.  It was from the bow! I would have been perfect for a low-budget zombie film. I work in a front office where lots of people come in to sign paper work and let’s just say that I’m counting my blessings that there was no one else coming in. The guys in the warehouse got a big kick out of it. Needless to say, April fools is going to have them all running around with black colored tongues and teeth.

Joker would be proud.
Joker would be proud. Dentist, not so much.

Happy end to Wednesday! Now I have to finish those damn dishes.

~ Kalamity

Only for you WordPress!!!
Only for you WordPress!!!