Daily Prompt: Lucky Star

Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post. What are your three wishes and why?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WISHES.

Wishes can be tricky, so says Once Upon A Time. Wishes have consequences. You have to be careful what you wish for. Infinite funds sounds like a disaster since you know that money has to come from somewhere. Not sure what consequences asking for world peace would bring, that would be an interesting post to write. I’m not sure I have enough time to go into that. Having a family with no drama would be quite boring. I think I have narrowed this down.

My 3 wishes:

  1. Since I won’t ask for infinite funds, I think I would like to own my own successful company that let me be able to employ my family in a way where we didn’t want to kill each other and we could all live happily. I could see us being like a junk gypsy crew but our own redneckery style thrown in there. I can see it now.

Mama: Looky what I found at this yard sale down the road.

Kalamity: Dang Mama! A jackalope.

Mama: Ain’t he purdy? I paid a quarter for ‘im. (Trust me I think she can buy anything for a quarter.)

  1. About 500 acres should be good with a small castle where all the family can live in their own space but we could have a common garden to hang out and chill when we wanted. Friends would have somewhere to stay. Four wheelers could be stashed inside where we can all get on and ride into the forest. The land would have a beautiful lake that flourished with bass and catfish; maybe have a beautiful water fall spilling into it. We would have our own private fishing hole to congregate around. There would be deer and elk a plenty for us along with some cattle and a few crops. (The less store-bought anything, the better. If all we had to go get was hockey tickets and soap that would be fine by me.)
  2. After all that I guess the only I could ask for is a cure for PCOS. I don’t talk about it a whole lot but it is one of my biggest issues right now. I’m working on it but it’s a uphill battle. Nothing worse than knowing you can’t just get pregnant like others and feel normal. Normal in the sense of your body’s chemistry. I’ll keep quirky the mind I have though.