I’ve got time to kill so prepare to maybe learn a couple of things.. Probably more about me… and be amused.

First off, I’m super proud of myself. I made this awesome e-card last year and it has been pinned over 30 times. I feel like dancing!!!!!

Now someone go make me a damn t-shirt.
Now someone go make me a damn t-shirt.

My husband bought me a electric skillet for Christmas, and ever since then I have been trying to think outside the box. How can I get away with only making dinner on this awesome piece of equipment?? Last night we made quesadillas on it. They were soooooo good. See!!! How do you griddle???

Before that we went to the lake. My husband didn’t get the memo on what I meant by running… Still pissed at him about that.


This kid…

Last night we watched Last Vegas. It was really good and funny!!!

You need to do this!!!

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TRUTH!!!Hahah this is so accurate.

Listen to this!!! I love Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox

Enjoy the random.