Like many people who commute to work, I have the radio going. If you are like me, you channel surf until you find a funny bit or a good song. A couple of years ago channel surfing in the morning was no longer needed. These two guys had my fully undivided attention. They are just hilarious. I was waiting for the music to be done to hear the next part of their program before I made it to the office and when I got the chance I was turning them on through iheartradio so I could hear them on there. I was talking about them to everybody. They even had parody songs which were funny as well. They soon became the topic at many family dinners.

Then about a year ago, all of their listeners, including me had to deal with a change. They went to being on the air in the afternoons. It was heartbreaking. We didn’t want this Bones guy. We wanted our guys!!! It took a bit but we all came around. I went back to channel surfing in the morning, but my radio is stuck on The Twister on my way home and anytime I get in the car that evening. My husband sometimes wonders what is taking me so long to get out of the car and it’s because I’m laughing my butt off listening to these guys talking on the radio.

They like to get the listeners involved too. One time they asked what everyone thought of Josh Thompson’s song “Cold Beer with Your Name on It”. I sent a tweet that it was making me thirsty and all of a sudden they are telling everyone on the radio what I said. My Mother In Law had to call and ask me if I was really thirsty. They just have that way of making it feel like they are talking right at you.

I’m talking about Bud and Broadway “Spell out the word AND”. If you want to laugh, then I would recommend a big dose of Bud and Broadway. They will have your sides splitting. They aren’t your typical radio guys. Not only that but Bud is also a meteorologist on one of the local networks so if you need to take cover, he’s your man!

Here are a few YouTube videos for you to enjoy of the famous Bud and Broadway:

While I wish I could listen to them all day, unfortunately they are only on from 3-7. But they have a remedy for that also called “The Best of Bud and Broadway”.


Live close to Tulsa, Ok? You can pick them up on 106.1 The Twister.

Don’t live near Tulsa, Ok? You can find them here on iHeartRadio.

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Are you a Tweeter, a Twitterer, Twitterpated?? Anyways go follow them. Click Here! or Follow @BudandBroadway

And if you really want to cherish them forever and ever, you can even buy a CD!!!-  Click Here!

I guarantee you won’t be dissapointed.