Well hello there! Going to post a quick update about my Advocare journey. I am STILL battling the stomach flu, and was really sick yesterday and I am not 100 percent, so this will be short and sweet.

Let me begin by saying, I LOVE ADVOCARE. I have lost 25lbs and not stopping. I haven’t measured or taken pictures this month yet, but will try my best to get that done next week. Granted, I haven’t stuck to healthy eating like I should, but I say I am around 80 percent. Once I get back from my cruise for my anniversary, I am going to hit the gym again and get back to meal planning.

I fully recommend their products to anyone who is looking for a boost in energy, weight loss, or just overall health. I love the Spark and the meal replacement shakes.

If anyone has any questions, please check out my Advocare website on the front page of our blog, or visit https://www.advocare.com/131139019.

I still have a long journey, but I am finally beginning to see the old me slowly coming back. I am becoming confident again, and Advocare has given me the energy to keep going.

Anyways, I better get some sleep. Been a long couple of days. Love to all!

~Belle Starr