Not gonna lie. Carrie ain’t really a favorite of mine but this sounds really awesome. Can’t wait to see what happens!!!


Have you never been scared to send an email? Never fear, you aren’t only one. 

Country singer Miranda Lambert was terrified and excited when it came to asking fellow country star Carrie Underwood to sing a duet with her on Lambert’s new album ‘Platinum.’ Instead of picking up the phone, the 30-year-old decided to e-mail Underwood about the possibility of collaborating on the song ‘Something Bad.’ 

“I am totally pumped about this. I think it’s going to be an amazing thing for country music to see two of its girls who have sort of been rolling together since the beginning. We kind of started at the same time on reality shows, and we both know what girls go through as female artists,” the ‘White Liar’ singer told Zap2it. 

As for the music video, Lambert is hoping her and Underwood can set something on fire. 

‘Platinum’ is set for release on Tuesday…

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