There are few times I can say someone “got me” good. I think I can count on one hand how many times I have been fooled. I like to think I’m a smart cookie. No one likes to be fooled in the worst ways but when it comes to happy surprises well those are the best kind.

There are two such surprises that come to mind. The first time was when I was 17. My friend Josh told me to come meet him in town so he could take me to dinner for my birthday. I don’t know why but for some reason we ended up going back to my house which was 15 minutes in the opposite direction of where we should have been going. When we pulled up at my house all my friends cars were parked outside. It was a great surprise. I had absolutely no clue.  I even have pictures in the scrapbook to prove it.

The second one I can remember was when I stayed in Louisiana for a summer. I had been away from my family for over a month which is the longest I had ever went thus far. I was 20. The place I worked at could be stressful at times and just being so far away from home in a different state with different ways of doing things had taken it toll on me. It was looking to be a depressing birthday. My boyfriend at the time came and picked me up from work and took me back to his parents. I went on in to the house. I’m a naturally happy person but I was beyond ecstatic when I walked into the den and found my parents and Grandmother had come all the way to Louisiana to see me on my birthday. I really am blessed.

I hope one day I can fool someone the way I have been fooled. 😉