I could probably win the “Worst Blogger” Award due to my lack of posts recently, but in my defense, vacation and illness took a hold of my family and I am finally getting back to a normal routine. Will blog about my cruise to Mexico sometime soon, but for now, lets talk about dieting when you have PCOS.

No one understands the frustration of losing weight more than those with PCOS. I have mentioned before how much I hate Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), but what I hate even more is trying to lose weight while having this disease. For those that don’t know what PCOS is, google it, as there are many definitions out there on exactly what it is. In order to keep this blog short, I will describe my battle with it. I have insulin-resistance (NO, I AM NOT DIABETIC), elevated testosterone, cystic ovaries, absent or very little menstrual cycles, excessive weight gain, and abnormal “girly” hormones levels (they are non-existent). To be diagnosed with PCOS, you could have one or more of these symptoms.

One thing those of us with PCOS has heard over and over again is “well, lose weight, then your symptoms will go away”. Well, much easier said than done. To PCOSers, the thing to avoid is carbohydrates. Those evil, delicious carbs. I love them, and I admit, I am addicted to them. My body craves them thanks to the excess insulin that my body makes (google insulin resistance if you don’t know what it is). The key, at least my key, is to avoid all excess carbohydrates and sugars. When I do that, I drop weight like crazy. “Why don’t you just do that then?” you may ask. It’s harder than you think…

Well… this explains it the best – http://www.greenmountainhealth.com/insulin-resistance-syndrome
I can give it up, but the cravings are hard to stop. Once I do stop them, if I indulge just a little, they all come rushing back. Yes, I could try not eating carbohydrates for the rest of my life, but who wants to do that? I love cake too much. So, I am getting back on the meal planning train, and really going to get my focus back on track. I am still ahead of the game with the 20 pound loss from the Advocare 24-day challenge, but I am going to continue the Advocare products and use them with a low carb diet. The only concern I have is the amount of carbs that the meal replacement shakes have, but if they hinder my weight loss, I will cut back on them.

Another form of accountability I will have is you guys! I want to prove that a someone with PCOS can lose weight! I want to be an inspiration. Therefore, I will post my weekly meal plans and all my new recipes on here, so I can help those that are searching for help who have PCOS and need to lose weight.

So, here we go. Time to refocus, restart, and get moving! Ready to what I can do in the next 6 months! Lets kick PCOS’s butt!

~ Belle Starr