I could get all ooshey gooshey over talking about ole Hickory but it seems like that is what I’ve been doing in a couple of other posts and I’m sure for those of you who have stuck around there has been a few eyes rolls. That is why today’s Daily Prompt, I would like to talk about my furry best friend. I can also blame my Sister-In-Law too.

Her Cousin Penny
Her Cousin Penny

We have another Jack Russell in our family. 🙂 Cassie’s cousin Penny is a cutie. I would like to also give a shoutout to her Stilly friend Louie. Whereever he is, we both hope he is giving them hell and playing ball.

CassieName: Cassie Rose

Breed: Jack-ed up Russell Terror *cough* I mean Terrier

Age: She’s 56 in dog years but she prefers 8 in human years.

How did we meet: She was a Christmas present for my boyfriend at the time. She ended up being my dog and turns out she was a keeper and he wasn’t. Ha! (On a side note: Probably not the best present for your bf/gf)

Describe how your love has changed over time: This is how a relationship goes with a Jack. Ecstatic because you have a puppy, Mommy mode kicks in when you have to train them, moments of rage over them getting into the trash and running away from you, moments of pride and joy when they are sleeping or behaving for a few seconds, hours of agony when they get loose a couple of times a year and you think they are lost forever, relief when you find them, companionship, and last but not least entertainment whether you want to entertain them or not. I don’t like to admit this but there has been times when I wonder how much longer I’m going to have to put up with her or really really want to ship her off in a box to my ex. Luckily those days don’t come as much as they used to in her old age. I think after her last dramatic experience of being lost, she has learned her lesson at running off too far although just last month I had to go pick her up around the block. I love my dog so much. I don’t know what I would do on the nights Hickory works without her.

Game on!
Game on!

Cute things she does: If she sees a ball, its game time. When I jingle my keys, she’s ready to load up. Her and I have this thing where she will be walking towards me and I will stop and stare at her and she knows it’s time to play. The famous head tilt when she is trying to figure you out or driving something crazy in the yard.

Things she hates: Vacuums are the enemy. She hates baths but still jumps in the tub when I’m taking a shower. Towels are also the enemy. Squirrels. Wheel of Fortune. When I hide the balls from her cause I don’t want to play anymore. Doorbell. Laser pointers and guns aren’t her thing either. Going out when it’s cold or rainy. Damn dog will not go pee in the rainy. She will actually hold it. Thunder.

Things she loves: Balls, her toys which manages to end up EVERYWHERE, cheese, I swear she likes the show Bitten. Peanut butter. When I jingle her food bowl. She doesn’t see them often but she knows when my parents come to the house and then they get to leave with her famous Jack White hair all over them. A good back rub which is probably about the only thing her and my husband have in common besides their distaste of each other.

I killed it Mama!!! (You shouldn't have...)
I killed it Mama!!! (You shouldn’t have…)

Things in common: We both yawn real big in the morning. We both love to travel. We both hate snakes and wasps. I run from them and she kills them.  After I give her a bath, she manages to get water everywhere. I have been told I am notorious with a garden hose… We both love to snuggle under the covers although she is like a little oven. We prefer hot French fries, no cold ones. We both hate being alone. We have both lived in Louisiana for 3 months but we prefer Oklahoma. Country girls at heart.

We have so many stories that I plan on sharing later.