It’s really hard for me to believe it has been a while that I haven’t hopped in the car and just drove somewhere. The last time I went somewhere was straight to Little Britches side of the state for her wedding. Of course, I took the scenic route but I didn’t get to sight see because we had a wedding to get done. 🙂

Blame It All On My Roots

It really is my families fault. Mama tells stories about my Grandparents loading up in a time when seatbelts and limits of how many people could fit in the car weren’t an issue and drove all the way to California. Mom would tell stories about the big hills and riding in the back of the window.

When I was growing up, we would take vacations whenever we could. I was fortunate to have a Grandfather who liked to take his family with him. I have been just about every direction except past towards the very northern part of the U.S. Mom and Dad would save up money also and we would go on vacation to Colorado to Cripple Creek, Branson, or pre-Katrina we went to Biloxi. We never had an itinerary and if we did, it wasn’t followed closely.

When I started going to college, I started dating this guy from Louisiana so it was nothing to load up and spend 8 hours in the truck driving down there for the weekend and then back again before class on Monday. I love driving EVERYWHERE. He let me drive most of the trips and a few times we would have to make a couple of extra stops usually with a cattle trailer. I always think proudly when I think of the fact that my Dad, who is an excellent driver, says that I can drive anywhere and in anything since I drove through 5:00 traffic with a cattle trailer through Dallas and Fort Worth.

My husband doesn’t get it. He thinks I’m crazy that I just want to load up and drive somewhere that is over 2 hours away for some barbeque or just to go somewhere different. It’s a waste of gas he says. He just doesn’t get it. Since I was 18, I have lived at least an hour away from my parents. It is nothing for me to jump in a car and drive that far. He’s always been a homebody and a realist.

I’m a wanderer. I wander during the day. I daydream. I could relate to the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Making the simple the extravagant. Life is an adventure every day. When I go walk up at the local center on the track, I picture myself somewhere else mile away walking in the mountains or on the beach. The funny thing is he is a wanderer too when you get him to leave home. We have been on a cruise, to North Carolina and also to Branson together. We don’t plan too far ahead. The question is Now What? Sometimes the answer is another adventure and sometimes it’s more of right now.

I finally did it. Last week, I was sitting at work thinking how since we bought the house two years ago, we haven’t been on vacation since. I just started thinking about doing something around his birthday like a concert and next thing I knew I was calculating the time and money to get to the beach for a couple of days. I don’t know what all is there but I know I want to go. So I came home and he agreed to go!!!.  I can’t wait. We haven’t set a date but I know it will be in April or May.

I can’t wait to wander the beach with him.