While I myself don’t have any children, I have some pretty cool kids in my life. I have 5 nephews and one niece that keep me pretty entertained along with the neighbor kid that pops in from time to time. I hear these funny stories or get to witness firsthand the very comical worlds of these kids. There really is never a dull moment. It’s difficult sometimes to keep a straight face and I’m a big kid myself so it’s hard not to join it. I, myself, am not one to run up to children or babies and coo at them. I’ve always just hung back and let them decide if they like me or not. They really have their days where they don’t like me, but other days I’m amazed that they want me to sit by them or they want to give me a hug before bed or just want to just talk to me.

While I have a special spot in my heart for all my nephews and niece, these two boys get your sides hurting with their big personalities and over the top performances. I would like to tell you about some of the comical things they have said and done here of late. So here goes and I hope you enjoy:

Rex- I will call the nephew turning 4, Rex because he loves dinosaurs. He is the older sibling.

His Pops (Daddy R) told me one day they were in a restaurant and he was sitting in his booster seat and this little girl walked by him. She didn’t say anything, but Rex noticed her so he turned around and said “Are you talking to me?” Pops is afraid we have a little Romeo on our hands.

One day, Rex found a red marker and disappeared in his room with it. My sister says he came back out and said “Look Mom! A dinosaur bit me.” His little hands were covered in red marker. More recently, he had to get a couple of stitches on his cheek from playing a little too hard in his room, so he tells everyone he got bit by a dinosaur.

Most recently, his Mom got him a balloon and his sister crawled over to it and it must have popped from the static. He cried out “MOOOOMMMMM, BABY SISS-ER ANHILATED MY BALLOON.”

Rex’s famous words:

Teedle DAH!!! (Exclaimed when he does something he thinks is awesome. He now has his Pops saying it at work which is pretty comical because Pops is a Supervisor for a construction company.

Chee Chees- Cheetos

Mice- Ice Cream

Beer- Root Beer

His favorite thing is to go over to his Grandparents and hit them up for all 3 of these. It’s even funnier to have a 3 year old requesting beer at a restaurant. Ummm he means root beer.

Ninja- Because he loves TMNT, he turned 4 last year. He is the younger brother in his family. Ninja has a big personality and like most kid is in the “sponge” phase which can be quite comical and scary at the same time.

This past week, he had gathered up some sticks and had them on a table outside. His Dad came by and brushed them off and as serious as can be, Ninja said “Shame on you.” His Mom told me that the other day he looked right at her and said “I’m gonna smash you like mash-shed taters.”

Ninja is all about putting on a show and last night, he wasn’t disappointing. He has good intentions but his follow through goes berserk. Not to mention, the kid should plan on being a quarter back or a pitcher because he has an arm that even I am jealous of. His Mom’s dog Penny loves ice. We will go over and she will get a piece from the dispenser and toss is on the tile for Penny to play with and eventually eat. He looked over at Hickory last night and said “HEY HICKORY! WATCH THIS.” He raised the ice over his head threw it at the ground for it to shatter into a million little pieces. It was really funny, but I’m pretty sure Penny didn’t have a sliver of ice to get.

Ninja’s famous word is Tidy HO!!!! He used it many times last night during his moments of brilliance. His face lights up and you have to wonder what that kid is thinking, but before you know it you find yourself smiling.


Have any funny kids that brighten your day? Let’s hear about them.