You know you had an awesome, helluva-good-weekend when Monday is spent recovering. Not to mention a temporary tattoo fading away slowly that says RAD. Yea I guess I could wash it off but like my goodbye with my friends Little Britches and Ashley Oakley, I’m just not ready…

Friday morning came and it was all I could do not to jump up and down like a 2-year-old on caffeine. I hadn’t seen them since the wedding back in September, so this get together was long overdue and they didn’t disappoint.

We loaded up in Ashley Oakley’s car and headed into Tulsa where we picked up our packets at Veteran’s Park. I got this awesome hoodie for $25. After that we went on down and had dinner before we headed to the movies to see Divergent. It was really good. Of course, it was a little different from the book. Unlike most movies that follow parts of the book as much as possible, it did have a few different changes in the story line. All in all, I walked out feeling like maybe the changes were justifiable since it was a lot of information they are trying to put into a movie and it prob would have had some asking further questions. LB and AO said they would definitely be reading the book now. It was really funny sitting in between them since AO was sighing over Theo James while LB was grabbing my arm during the suspense parts of the movie. Theo James is HOT!!!

After the movie, we went to Wal-Mart which seems like a necessary place on the list to go during a girl’s weekend. AO found this quiz for us to take to find out what faction we would be in. I couldn’t find that exact one but I did find this other cool one. Click HERE to take it. I got Amity which sounds about right for me.




The next day, I woke them up to the most wonderful breakfast from the donut shop and after fueling up on coffee and donuts, we headed out to the COLOR ME RAD. Even If you don’t like 5K’s you will love these. We took our time and had a blast. Joey Skye came along with my little nephew and niece and loved it. My nephew got into one of the boxes of orange and was covered in it. I see more color runs in their future. We did miss Belle Starr. She was supposed to come but she had to work.

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Afterwards another stop for us Shotgun girls was Panera Bread. It’s like our official restaurant. I love going into places after a color run, because everyone looks at you like you are a different bird but you can tell that some are a little jealous. We headed down and saw Mama K while she was working and then headed over to Twister Soul Sister.

Twisted Soul Sister is another place that Shotgun Girls love to shop. I will try to post something about them this week. They deserve their own post. I can’t wait to show you what they made.

We also stopped at Purse-a-nality and did a little shopping there. LB went gaga over this wallet and then didn’t get it. YOU SHOULD HAVE WOMAN!!! AO walked out with two pairs of shoes for a heck of a deal and a cute tunic with lace on the sleeve. Really cute.

We headed back to the casa and got ready for going out. Little Britches birthday was the week before so we declared this as her birthday weekend and took her to ZIO’s and then as a surprise we went to the melting pot. Belle Starr met up with us and we all indulged in Flaming Turtle and Snickers Chocolate fondue. I could have drank it. So delish.  They have the recipe for their flaming turtle on their site. Click HERE!

Afterwards we headed over to one of the local country bars and danced the night away. Copperhead road kicked out butts. We also did the Cotton-Eyed Joe and thought we were going to take a tumble because of some really intoxicated girls but we managed to keep up. We had such a fun night.

Sunday it was so hard to say good-bye. We watched Step Up Revolution right before they left. I can’t remember the last time my face hurt so much from smiling and laughing. It’s so much fun just to hang out with the girls. I loved Little Britches getting all excited over the variety of trees because that is in her field. I loved Ashley Oakley singing it up to all the tunes. We all belted out Bye Bye Miss American by Don McLean.  Belle Starr boogied with us on the dance floor. We just had a blast and I can’t wait to do it again.

This definitely was a Shotgun Girl weekend.

Love you girls so much,