Good evening all, I have a few minutes before bed, so thought I would throw out an update.

I have lost 4% of my body weight in the month of March, and that is a big accomplishment (10.3lbs)! I am cutting my carb count to 30 a day, and that seems to be working well. My PCOS symptoms have been better, I have been sleeping better, and overall just feel great.

We have been very busy, so we haven’t had actual “meals”. Most of them consist of a salad and a protein (steak, chicken, fish). Tonight I had taco meat wrapped in a low carb tortilla and some fresh guacamole. For lunch, I have been taking meat and cheese, a salad or carrots, and a sugar-free Jell-O. For snacks, I eat on peanuts and string cheese.

I am still taking the Advocare products, and doing very well on them. I am currently on the ThermoPlus, Max C, and Catalyst. I also drink the Spark. Due to the little bit higher carb count, I limit my meal replacement shakes, usually eating an Atkin’s Protein Bar in place of it (19g net carb vs 3g net carb). If you are interested in more information or ordering Advocare products, visit the link to the right 🙂

I will have an updated picture next week. I am really hoping to hit a big milestone goal by next week, 35lbs, but that is determined by the work I put in this week. I hope all that are on their own weight loss journey are having great success! I’m here for support if you need it.  

Stay tuned for a new blog tomorrow, I have some BIG news to announce.

That is all for now,

~Belle Starr