I never saw myself living in town. For me it’s all about the outside. I have no wonderful front porch to sit in and rock and wave at the people passing by. I don’t have a big yard period. The flower beds are outdated and need some TLC but that is where my imagination comes in. I can’t wait to get home and work on them. I plan on sprinkling seeds in all the flower beds. It looked beautiful in the front this past year so I plan to do the same in the back.

The Dream Yard

To open up my back door and see a wonderful new fence. I would walk out and let the dogs out of their pen to play on the beautiful lush green grass. The flower beds would be like a painting. If you were to squint, you would think you were looking through a kaleidoscope. A beautiful quilt would be airdrying on the clothes line with it insulators attached to it to look like old power lines. A small privacy fence is around the air conditioner and a path way made of stone with thyme in the cracks. The dogs would be out for you to pet and get licked by. You would smell a range of scents from roses, other flowers, fresh cut grass, and maybe someone is cooking on the grill. Butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds would make frequent stops at the butterfly weed, pentas, salvia, and others. During the day it’s the busy traffic of the hummingbirds along with the cars and trains. During the summer nights, you would get to enjoy the sound of live bands coming from the nearby expo.

Come on summer.