I haven’t posted one of these in a while and I feel like I should. I believe my so called “reviews” are a little unconventional but maybe that isn’t a bad thing. I mean we can’t all like to drink $250 bottles of wine. Some of us have a lot of other things to spend that money on like bills or gas or possibly gorgeous lashes. BAM!


Anyways, after what I’ve done the past two days, I feel like boozing it up. I’ve woken up at about 6 in the morning on a weekend which is a big deal and drove well over an hour away to walk a 5K… BY…My… Self!!! Spent Saturday night doing NOTHING because my husband worked and I was sooo tired. Kudos to me for managing to make dinner. Then I wake up on Sunday real early again!!! to go get half naked in front of my friend because I get the idea to take some boudoir pictures for the hubby’s birthday. The man has a problem for guessing his presents so somehow I have talked myself into the ultimate gift he would never get. Needless to say, the wine is a reward for all I have voluntarily put myself through this weekend. Belle Starr you are so awesome!!! She took my photos.

Drinking Right Now

First off let me say, I’m listening to my girl sing Automatic on the CMA’s. The fact that she is rocking a wife beater with the statement necklace.. sigh… love… Okay wait I should be talking about wine.

Pink Truck

I don’t not like it… but I don’t think I will be buying this one again.

I’m a wine sellers worst nightmare. I get distracted by the shiny things and think oooooh let’s open this one. It is a good wine but not my favorite. If you like strawberry and oranges, then maybe this is the one for you. I’m starting to learn that strawberry isn’t my favorite flavor in wines, except that one time in college…

The Other Strawberry Wine

I make it my duty to try the cheap for you. St. James Winery brings you this overly sweet wine that they call Strawberry. They aren’t kidding when they say it comes from the “fields of strawberry flavor”. Taste like Hawaiian Punch dropped kicked all the other good fruits that make the punch better out on their rumps and threw a gallon of sugar on top of it. I’m almost cleaned the whole house from top to bottom from the sugar rush… Almost. Won’t be buying this one again. Way too sweet for this rookie.

Mad Housewife

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Oh Mad Housewife… I lost you as soon as I found you… My mistake is I freed you… (pink truck is starting to talk). From the witty black cork (made it look slimmer)  which all I could say was “Challenge accepted.” to the lovely lady on the front. I miss you! Come back!!! I loved Mad Housewife. I will be having to buy another bottle soon. It was sooo good. I definitely suggest this one for those of you trying to get away from the overly sweet and trying something a little different. It says sweet red but it’s not as sweet as the Stone Hill Sweet Red that I have tried.

‘Cause I heard Jesus, He drank wine
And I bet we’d get along just fine
He could calm a storm and heal the blind
And I bet He’d understand a heart like mine…

Time to refill!!!