One in a million

I burst out and eat my temporary home.

So tiny and insignificant.

Big, bigger, black, white, and yellow striped.

I eat the milkweed until I can’t anymore.

My brothers and sisters feast with me.


I hang from the leaf.

Convulse into my shell.

No longer vibrantly striped.

Green and crystalized.




And rest some more.


Until one day.


I crack the surface.

Pull myself out of the case.

New legs cling on to keep from falling.


Breathe in.

A change.

No longer bulging.

The orange and black blanket spreads out among me.

So light, free and distinct.


Time to fly.

I am one in a million.

With my Brothers and Sisters.

We take to the sky.

With a purpose.

A journey.


We must fly.

Our adventure begins.


We need the world.

The world needs us.


We paint the sky orange.




Little soldiers but so much more.

We are regal.

We are legendary.


We are Monarchs.



Creative inspiration is brought to you by Weekly Prompts and the lovely Monarch Butterflies.

Photo is created by me in Fresh Paint using this person’s uploaded pinterest photo.

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