Recently, I got the new Iphone 5 S and I haven’t had the want to master the settings. I get some notifications and not for others. It’s probably something easy I can fix, but it has lead me to this newest idea of a weekly blog catergory.

Pinsters- def. Pinning with Sisters

Well I only have one Sister, but girl friends just didn’t seem to make a cool name melted with the word pin or Pinterest to me. Of all the notifications I get, the one I love is when I have a new pin sent to me which is often and usually averages about 3 a day. I don’t pin as much as I used to but it is a hobby of mine. FACE IT!!! If you are pinner, you know. It is a hobby.

Here are some of the pins we shared this week:

Too precious.


I love getting lost in a great romance novel. Then my husband farts, tells me he loves me, and brings me back to my real life. Awesome.      Not so much with the romance novels anymore but, yeah, I'll be in the middle of a great love story and then *bam* reality! Lol I do love him, though.


Daily Odd Compliment
Mmmmm Cookies!!!


We can relate to Lucy.


this will be me and my best friend!


CAN'T BREATHE. This is so unfortunate.

Making this into a poster for don't see that what they do (or don't do) makes a difference when you're moving into the career world.



Seriously though. .......
Actually it’s Mexican food. Not Applebees.



Compliments of Little Britches, Belle Starr, Ashley Oakley and yours truly.