Reading is a passion us Shotgun Girls share. We love to read and we all read a variety of books. Just this weekend, Mama K had a box of smut novels in the living room. She can read one in about a night. Recently she sent me home with Graveminder. I haven’t got to read it yet because I have to be in the mood to read certain novels. I’m picky. If I want to read a certain kind of book, its like craving a candy bar or a flavor. Romance, Paranormal, Christian, Young Adult (which sometimes reads better than some novels), Classics, Western, and so on and so forth.

Little Britches, Ashley Oakley and I have all read Divergent. We are also those people who will read a book because of a movie or in my case buy it so I can read it before the movie comes out. I can’t wait to go see Heaven is for Real. I read that book a couple of years ago. No book is safe.

Here are some of the pins we shared with each other this past week:

Yes, guilty as charged!!! This girl likes to read! It's a good thing tho right!!

It's so true.


Bookends? There are actually people who don't own enough books to fill the shelf? Weird.
What is a bookend???


When you see someone reading your book…


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Makes perfect sense to me!
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Maybe I should have stayed out of the fridge… and sewed my mouth shut… and not bought a two-piece.


Almost had this moment in Kohls while shopping for new boots just this weekend lol

Love this!!!
We love you Dean…. Little Britches practically drools over the screen when she sees him… He is dreamy.


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~ Kalamity