I’ve had some friends asking for this recipe for quit a while now, so I thought I would finally share it with everyone. When I cook I find recipes and adapt them. I do A LOT of my cooking by taste. I know taste is very subjective, therefore I say take my recipes and make them your own. Add what you like, do what you think is good. Be adventurous in the kitchen, the only way you will become a better cook is by getting in there and do it!

I’m going to tell you, what I told the last friend I shared a recipe with…we are not fancy people great value is perfectly ok with me!


1 cup Light Sour Cream

1 cup Light Mayo (no miracle whip)

4 tbsp Buttermilk (add more if you want thinner ranch)

3 tbsp Pickle Juice (be careful with this, if you add too much your        ranch will taste like pickles)

1 palm full each of Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, and Dried Parsley

1/2 tsp of salt (really to taste)

pepper to taste (about half a palm full)


Add all ingredients into a drink sized Mason jar. Put lid on jar and shake until combined. Taste and add more of anything until it tastes just right to you! Remember don’t add too much pickle juice! and Enjoy 🙂