Okay, so maybe I’m not that kind of Doctor. Sortof… No.. That’s a lie… I’m not a Doctor at all. Well I guess I could be if you consider I Doctor up my cooking..

Oh WordPress. I miss your face. All my Bloggers… I’m surprised you haven’t packed up your wagons and headed back east… I’m truly sorry. I think about this place everyday and then something came up… Life… But I’m back!!! I promise!!!

I’ve treated you like a can of Pop half drank and sittin in the car.

As if you were like the Sansevieria, I have in my office. I thought you just needed sunlight and every 6 months a drink… Just kidding…

So on to more unimportant things.


Here are the Pins my Shotgun Girls have sent me of late. 🙂


The Golden Girls
Love this woman.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is literally the best thing this fandom has ever made. *dies dramatically*   I love this so much!!!

Oh wow! Can you imginue seeing that late at night. What would you do?


Dark magic
Logical to me.
Seems legit.

WARNING: The Next Pin Has an F*Bomb* in it!!!

Mind... Blown...

Fun Claw - Funny Cats, Funny Dogs, Funny Animals: Funny Pictures Of Cats - 20 Pics

I feel like we should remake this!!!

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