This is part of an ongoing tales I have written. In no way am I professional writer. I just love to write. If you want to read the other parts before this one please click here. Oklahoma Rose

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it.

~ Kalamity


She had the cutest expression when she was mad. It was thrilling to see her turn that shade of scarlet. If she wore another dress to the barn dance like that one, she would surely turn heads. I can’t help but wonder how I missed that before.
“Well I believe big Brother. ” Perry shouted over the horses as we slowed down. “I’ll just go ahead and collect on my bet.”
“And just what makes you so sure you have already won?”
“From the looks of Kalamity, I would have to say things didn’t go so well. I think you are gonna be going stag to the barn dance.”
“That’s where you’re wrong little Brother.”
I exhaled when the cabin came into view. I worried about leaving Mother everytime we left, but she always insisted on us taking care of ourselves. She was a tough one. I’d give her that.
“Tyler, if you think her storming out to me was proof of her approval, you have a strange idea of what a woman likes.”
“Don’t you worry you’re pretty little head about it.”
Perry turned in the saddle where he could peer at me in the fading light.
“If I didn’t know any better I’d swear that you fancied her. Are you sure that there ain’t more going on here besides a bet?”
“Perry, you’ve talked me into some crazy things but this has to be number one.”
“Awe come on. It ain’t as bad as the time I told you to sneak into Old Man Henderson’s garden in the middle of the night. We just about had to pick some lead out of your hindend that evening.”
I laughed at the memory. All over trying to grab a watermelon. We didn’t know he was out listening for rabbits rustling in his crops. “Okay. So this one isn’t the craziest, but it’s pretty high on the list.”
“Yea. I have to agree with you. It’s up there. Dad’s probably rolling over in his grave right now just us talking about it.” Perry’s smile dissapeared.
We both turned to look towards where he laid. The moon casted shadows on the trees above his grave.
“Our Father definitely wouldn’t agree with this bet.”
The moon dissapeared behind the clouds taking my happy thoughts with it as we reached the house.


I bring you flowers to find you have picked some.
 I was going to ask you a question to discover, you already had an answer.This rose rock reminded me of you. I hope you like it. I look forward to escorting you to the dance.
 Oh! I suspect my Brother and I shall have to find a more proper place to bathe.

“Oh Kalamity. If you don’t get your head out of that letter, I’m gonna nail it to that bored for target practice.” Little Britches raised the shotgun to her shoulder and squeezed the trigger.
Shoving the piece of paper in my pocket, I said. “I think you’re just sore cause you don’t have someone taking you to the dance.”
I drew my pistol and blew a hole in the middle of the pattern she had just created.
She reloaded and looked down the barrel again only to end up lowering it and look at me. “I ain’t sore. I’m a little concerned is all.”
“And just what do you have to be concerned about?” I said a little gruff.
“Let’s see here. Those damn West Brothers come over here out of the blue and all of a sudden, Ashley is walking around like she’s floating on a damn cloud and first you’re all yippee and then you wanted to shoot that Tyler. Don’t you deny it. I saw how you were aiming last night and you acted like every target had his head on it and now your back to yippee!”
“I’m not gonna deny it. Somehow he knew I was down by the creek. I don’t know how he figured it out but he did. I did deny that to him.” Nodding my chin and she mirrored the gesture. There wasn’t any way in hell we would admit to watching grown men bathe. “Besides I thought you were fine with me going to the dance with him.”
“I am. I’m concerned them boys are up to no good. I’ve had time to think about this while you are rubbing that rock he gave you like a worry stone. I just don’t want you to get hurt.”
I picked up the double barrel and balanced it in my hands.
“I guess I have had my guard down a little.” I said a little more sober. I broke it open and put two shells in it.
“I ain’t trying to bring ya down. Just be careful.”
Bringing it back together and cocking it, I smiled at her and said, “You don’t have to worry about me.”