Night Fishing!!! NIGHT FISHING!!! I want to go. It’s so much fun. You are going to love it. COME ON!!! Just try it.

This has been my mantra for the past couple of years. Since the time I was a wee bean in the womb, I had the fever. My Mom carried around a jar of pickles and most days could be found down around the pond fishing while I was being baked in her oven. Fishing is just something that we loved to do. It was a past time of catch and release when I was growing up. Rarely did we catch and eat it. Mom didn’t care much for fish so it wasn’t something we ate a lot.

We went night fishing ONCE when I was in High School and I thought it was so much fun. Cooler in the evening and with the right amount of people, it was so entertaining. We used BOBBERS with glow sticks attached to them. My husband would cringe at the word and say they are corks.

When I was in college, I had the pleasure of going down to the lake with a group of people where they had their catfish poles rigged up with a bell on the end, bait was fresh caught craw dads and the beer was flowing. It was so much fun to sit and wait to hear the jingle of the bell and go running for the pole that was staked in the ground. First you had to figure out which one it was while trying not to slip in the mud or trip in a hole. Many stories could be told by the ones who night fish.

It wasn’t until I met my husband that I learned we weren’t going to be doing anymore catch and release. Not to mention different equipment and a change in bait. No more farm ponds or the every-once-in-a-while trip to the lake. We have actual spots to go to and you have to carry the right rod and reel to get the job done. No more did we release what we could legally keep. We put it in the basket and took it home for him to clean and me to cook.

By no means am I complaining. Maybe at first, I was a little discouraged at the fact that he gave me a fishing pole for the first birthday I had that we celebrated together. A Bill Dance combo rod and spinning reel and some beautiful flowers were brought around to my side of the truck and I just focused on the flowers. I like to fish but come on… Now these few years later, I find myself in the local bait and tackle picking out a Catfish pole. How did this happen?

My new pole!!!
My new pole!!!
Back to the topic.

Night Fishing. I’ve just been consumed with this need to take him night fishing. How could he not love it! About a month ago, we went. We loaded up with what all we thought we would need and headed down to the bluff, we love to fish off of. Pulling up, I noticed we had company. A raccoon popped its head up and just looked at us as if we had no business there. He moved on but I was paranoid the rest of the evening. We didn’t do too well either. No lantern. A little too windy and the experience of having a very large what I assume was a catfish for him to break my line caused the evening to go to pot.

Luckily, he wasn’t too discouraged by the turn of events.

We went camping on a different lake than we usually camp on due to a confusion in booking. It actually turned out for the better. We brought in some nice cats on our jugs and trolled for sandies. Just hammered them. Nice size too.20140616-114305-42185349.jpg

His faith was restored in fishing. Period.

This past weekend he went down to the dam with his Dad. I slept in due to an evening with crown and coke. There’s a story there for another day. His dad caught 4 nice flatheads. Needless to say, he was ready for round 2 at the dam.


Everything you could possibly need, we grabbed for the event minus 2 key ingredients which I swear would have made the evening better. A lighter and more bait.

He couldn’t believe how many people were down there, but I could. It’s just so much more fun to sit down there and enjoy the night than it is to sit at home. I think it’s kind of romantic as long as you have bug spray which luckily was in the truck.

Those are people with their lanterns around both side of the dam.

I won’t focus on the bait because it’s one of those told you so moments. He is taking me who has never casted a cat-fish pole in her life and managed to catch a tree bass right off the bat. I had to tie my own again and he only had 3…. One… Two… Three…. Perch for bait which he thought he could cut up and make last… Whatever. We were just at the bait shop… okay I’m done.


Let me just say, I am comfortable in the woods but I do have my ears and eyes on alert for anything out there with me. On this occasion, it was probably good I did.

He started putting our newly purchased lantern together to discover, you have to pre light the wick thingy before you can use it… well we didn’t have a lighter so we decided between his head lamp and the little tactical flashlight he handed me we would make due and we did. One exception. We didn’t account on the fact that friends would show up since there was no light. He says that isn’t why they were showing up but I beg to differ.

My eyes caught movement in the water right in front of me for me to shine my light on a large carp. Okay that was cool.

A little longer we sat and I thought I heard something over my shoulder and then I saw a silhouette.. NO. What is that??? I scrambled for the light. A FREAKING RACCOON!!! He had just mosied on down and was just hanging out near feet from me. So like the MAD woman I am, I jumped up and shooed him away. He scurried up the bank a little further to turn around and see if I was still watching. GIT! My husband thought I was crazy, but now he knew it.

Should be the end of that. Right? Nope!

That same raccoon had to be chased off 3 more times and his buddy came down on the other side of us as well. I even had my iPhone playing thinking the music would keep them away. FAIL!

I really think if we would have had the lantern on, they would have left us alone.

We finally decided after having not caught any after the couple of hours were there, to pack up and go. He is just about done gathering up his stuff when he reaches down and says “Hey! Lookie here.”

He found a freaking lighter…

Night Fishing round 2… Maybe third time will be a charm.


Thank you for reading,