For your entertainment needs!!! Watch out that last one is a doosie!!!~Kalamity

The Daily Post wants to know what Instant Celebrity I would be.

I would be this guy’s wife!

Hot damn! Channing Tatum
Do you really need to ask why?


And on with the rest of the pins.


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Nice try Little Britches!!! I ain’t that STEW PEED!!!

Growing up changes things…

I laughed so hard!

i thought your face was embroidered on a hand towel...


Sounds legit.

Well thats one way to describe it

This is why men shouldn’t be in charge…

baby eyebrows

Well said Earl!!!

Lol fishin solves all of em ;) just like now. A little time to sit and relax and wait patiently always adds a little time to calm and cool :)

And other problems would be solved by this!!!

Wine sippy cups. NEED these!!!!

Name the place ladies!!!!

Me too....

One day…


Last but not least!


Audrey Hepburn quote on laughter.

I hope I could brighten your day!!!

Audrey Hepburn quote on laughter.