This is part of an ongoing tales I have written. In no way am I professional writer. I just love to write. If you want to read the other parts before this one please click here. Oklahoma Rose

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it.

~ Kalamity


“Thanks Grizz. I sure appreciate you driving tonight for me.” I nodded my head to the mountain man who rode with me in the surrey. Grizz didn’t look himself this evening. His usual attire was all leather with furs on his head and other parts of his clothes. He had shaved his beard off as well because he said that beards and heat didn’t mix. He couldn’t completely escape notice though. He was as tall as a pine tree and never went anywhere without his bowie knife with a leather sheath that he had made himself.

“Nah, it ain’t no problem at’all.” He said. “I’m glad to be o’ help and pretty excited to get to help make music.” Grizz wasn’t known by everyone, but the few times he came this side of the mountains he liked to play his banjo and sing. He had a deep timber voice and though his hands may be large, they were nimble and crafty.

We pulled up to the house where it looked like most of everyone had already headed off to the barn dance. The curtains fluttered shut inside bring forth the butterflies I had been keeping down as I stepped off the surrey. Intending on helping her out, I turned my head and my foot slipped causing my behind to hit the ground.

In a bit of shock and a little speechless, I laid there in the dirt staring at Kalamity like a fool. A fool in awe of the Angel I saw before me. The sun caught her hair just right giving her a glow in her yellow dress with her tanned skin. I’ve heard other men talk about hair as pretty as the color of corn silk and always thought it was such an overused statement but that’s all I could think about. Her skin was the color of fall honey sweetened by the trees. She was beautiful.

Grizz leaned over and coughed bringing me to my senses. I jumped up and started cleaning myself off.

“Steps and ladders are mighty tricky, Mr. West. I advise you and I stay away from both.” She tried to look serious while saying it but ended up failing when she bit her lip. She grinned and at that moment, I didn’t care if I was a fool. I was her fool for the night. Just this one night.

“Excuse me, Madam. I seem to have lost all my senses.”

“I see that. Are you sure you are up for a turn around the barn this evening? I thought I was the one who should be a whoopsy daisy. Not the other way around.”

“Honey, I’m just fine.” I said without thinking about the term of endearment. She tilted her head as if I had just crowed.

Grizz coughed again signaling his presence.

“Right, well?” I held out my hand and helped her into the back seat of the surrey. I had lost all my words. I shouldn’t be calling her things like Honey or be thinking about her in such ways. She wasn’t anything to me. I kept my hands on my lap. It was all I could do to keep from putting my arm on the back of the seat and inhale the sweet scent of wildflowers and sunshine. She was intoxicating and toxic to me. Of all the girls in this area to find myself drawn to, I was drawn to her. I am the moth and she is a flame beconing for me to come closer. I thought we were supposed to be like water and oil.

I turned to see her eyeing me, questioning my expression. I smiled and she shrugged her shoulders. “So are you going to introduce me to your friend?”

“My manners!” I pointed at Grizz. “Surely you’ve seen him around?”

“I’ve seen him around, but I don’t believe we have been properly introduced.”

“Grizz say hello to Miss Kalamity.”

“Nice to me you Miss.” He tipped his hat and leaned over his seat to say. “And might I say, what a pleasure it is. I’m a bit jealous I don’t have a partner for this evening the likes of you Miss Kalamity.”

“Well we might be able to fix that.” Kalamity smiled and winked at him as if they were old friends. She really was lovely.

“Really? That sounds mighty fine.” Grizz nodded and turned back around to hum the rest of the way to the dance.