This past weekend, I went down and saw the parents. The plan was to go to dinner, but as usual we never have anything set in stone until the last second when someone decides to be the voice of decision.

Lather, Rinse and Repeat.

Which I feel like it’s usually me unless someone else has their heart set on something….

After him-hawing around, the car was turned south down back roads towards Okmulgee. In true family tradition, we don’t know what quickest route is, only scenic. Maybe it’s the Sunday driver in us. My Mother isn’t of the same notion. Mama K prefers the quickest route between point A and point B. Dad is more of the pokie one. Which is fine because it explains my pokie-ness.

Ike’s Downtown Pub and Eatery20140729-095116-35476913.jpg

We had passed by Ike’s a couple of weeks ago, when my pocket-book was a little lighter and they were closed for the holiday but this time they weren’t. We parked and rushed to get on the list. Seriously, there was no need for rush.  While there were plenty of cars outside and the place was packed, the wait wasn’t bad at all.

It’s so homey.20140729-095115-35475715.jpg

Stuffed animals line the walls in their glass exhibits as you walk in. A pheasant, an alligator fixing to chomp on a bass, and then a few others like a bear when you walk in. One of the Managers said his mother punched him in the stomach over the alligator. He was a nice guy and kept the place ship-shape.

This guy kept me company while we waited to be seated.


Mom told us on the way there that we were to stay out of her dumplins. It wasn’t until the car ride home I figured out she was referring to the delicious fry bread. It looks like fried donut holes when it comes out with a little sprinkle of powdered sugar. You drizzle honey over it and it’s like a party in your mouth.

Along with the wonderful “dumplins”, we had an app of queso, salsa, and guacamole which was of course wonderful too. The kids really loved the queso.

Medium Rare

When the waitress came and placed our order, my sister and I both ordered the sirloin, medium rare. My parents both looked at us with astonishment that we would order it that way. We were raised to eat medium well, but that has changed. My sister has worked for a steakhouse so she knows how to order and as for me, my philosophy is that if you order it medium rare, more than likely they will cook it to medium and if they cook it any less, it should be perfect… unless its say purple inside. Sirloin tends to be a less tender cook so it’s best to not over cook it.

Dad had the rib eye and it was superb. The give you the au jus or juice to dip it in and it didn’t need it. None of the steaks did. They were seasoned to perfection and were the best steaks we have ever had.

Sided with a salad and sweet potato fries, there was no room for desert. If it had been possible, I could definitely see myself sitting there talking til closing time drinking a beer and just enjoying the atmosphere. A jukebox in the corner playing anything and I do mean anything. I heard a rap song, Dad played a couple of songs by the Eagles, and then Mr. Elvis Presley came on all while we were there.

If you ever have to go through Okmulgee, Oklahoma and are feeling hungry, don’t stop at the many fast food restaurants along the highway. Drive just a little further into downtown, you won’t be disappointed.

Here is their facebook page. The post often and looks like they have live entertainment.

It won’t be soon enough by the time I get to go back…

Thank you for reading,


Downtown Okmulgee. This picture doesn’t do it justice.



All picture were taken by me except the jungle book which I found here.