I was so happy to find my favorite pair of flip-flops were in the truck. I must have left them there when we went to the river. Changing out of my cowgirl boots and into my flip-flops produced a grin from my husband, he was always happy to see me out of my boots. Boots have been apart of my attire since I was born so it didn’t bother me, but he got sick of them. One of the quirks of my husband.

We pulled into our favorite sno cone stands and rushed to the stand to get in line. It was pretty long and every walks of life was here. The heat in Oklahoma cause a craving for the sweet frozen concoction. My husband and I can never get over how cheap it is to make and yet so many including ourselves flock to pay an outrageous fee for Styrofoam, frozen water and flavored sugar.

It usually happens in times like these when you are waiting that your ears and eyes wander across everyone and everything in the vicinity. The little girl in front of us was telling her Mother that she wanted the one that tasted like a piece of cake.

“Which cake?”

“Cake, Mama, Cake.”

“Listen, you want birthday cake? Or. Do you want wedding cake?”

“The blue one!!!!”

My husband chuckled and again we let our senses roam. Everything was so bright. The cart was yellow and the grass was green. It was the perfect day for a sno cone. You could hear the cars whizzing by and everyone talking animatedly around us. It was then that I noticed the older man at the back. He stuck out like a sore thumb.

He wore overalls with pens and a pair of glasses in the front pocket. A long-sleeved baby blue shirt and a straw hat sat atop his head. He was no stranger to the sun because of the tan he had on his hands but it was what was attached to his wrinkled hands that made him appear to be even more of an anomaly.

A blonde haired little boy dressed just like him held his hand.

“Papa, is it our turn yet?”

“No, now, we gotta wait a little longer, but it will make it all the sweeter, my boy. Let’s see here.”

He took out his glasses and put them on.

“Woah. What in the world have you brought me to? They got margaritas, daiquiris, and pina coladas here!” He smiled at the little boy. “I’m gonna have to check your ID.”

The little boy asked with a look of concern. “What’s a rita?”

“Well, I believe your Mama calls it Mama juice.”

“OH! I can’t have any other that!”

He chuckled. “So you want to have your green kind again? What was it? Sour apple? Your Grandma loved those lizard kisses.”

The little boy thought real hard. “I want a blue tongue this time.”


“Blue raspberry!” He took off his hat and held it giving his head a good scratch.

“Alright then. Blue raspberry it is. Now what do I want?”

“Same thing.”

“Well I guess we should since we match.”

The little boy set the hat back on his head and puffed out his chest. “That’s right, Papa.”

He took his glasses back off and stuck them back in the case and put them in his front pocket. He made me think about my own grandparents and wonder what things they must have done for me when I was little. The line moved forward and we finally ordered our sno cones.

On our way past the old man, he was starting to perspire but he just retrieved the bandana out of his back pocket and wiped his forehead. He grinned as I past him and said, “It’s a great day for a sno cone.”



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Picture is actual sno cones ate by my husband and I. That is ice cream in his. I had the polar plunge which I think I will now go and get.

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