I would like to start off with saying that DAILY POST! I went outside to retreive my Sunday Post and it never came. I couldn’t find it. I looked in the bushes, mailbox, under the mat and even went so far as to go to the grocery store and they didn’t have the post either. Only until a day later, I see that cosmic forces were against me.

On sequels, I would have to say, I want to see the sequel to Heaven Is For Real. I’ve read the book which in my opinion everyone should, and the movie. It would be interesting I think to see a now 25 year old man who walked with God and see how his life has turned out. I’m sure there will be an interview or two and somewhere someone probably has him under their thumb, but for someone who has spent time with Jesus and seen so much of Heaven, it would be interesting to see how not only Heaven has changed him, but how he fairs in this world after such a miracle.

As for unlikely pairing, I’m gonna have to go with the good ole trusty buttery popcorn and soft-serve chocolate ice cream that I discovered was the bomb-diggity when I was in High School Band at basketball games.

That is all.

Thanks for reading,