There are other times in my life where I have assumed things about people and been wrong but there are two instances where I assumed HORRIBLY!!! This is the kind of assuming that has major affects on your life.

Assuming they were not meant for each other.
There was this guy that I shared band with. He was an upper class men. He was all about band. I didn’t hang out with him much. We had band together that is it. I had seen him date and become infatuated with a fellow classmate and one day they broke up and like most HIGH SCHOOL dramas there was a fight between two guys over a girl. It says in the Bible not to judge and no matter how hard you try sometimes you just end up observing people and developing your opinion about them. Looking back now, I knew NOTHING about this guy other than he could play bass, sax, and percussion. What I had seen was stalker tendencies toward the girl he broke up with. That was it.
Fast forward a few years. He had graduated and moved on to bigger better things and I never thought much about him until one day. I had graduated and went to a distant college and tried as best I could to keep in contact with my best friends from High School. One in particular writes on this here Blog under the name of Belle Starr. She has her own story to tell, but she called one day to tell me she had met a great guy that we went to High School with. When she told me his name, feeling that I knew him pretty well, I told her my honest opinion which was very poor. He’s a stalker. I don’t like him. I didn’t have anything good to say about him. I was wrong.
Boy I was wrong. I ate all my words. To this day, I am still completely wrong and I admitted it to him and her. If anything, she laughs. She is a true friend. He is the hopeless romantic that we all dream about. He brings her flowers, pampers her and spoils her rotten. He says sweet things and posts about how much he loves her. We would all gag on MySpace, yes I said MySpace, when he would post on her wall. I would have never picked him for her and I can honestly say I am glad I was wrong. I should have never assumed anything about him. He is one of those husbands that make others look bad.

Assuming they were good.
I had been going to OkState for a semester and had befriended two friends. One I am still good friends with and I had her pegged wrong the minute I saw her, but after hearing her talk and hanging out with her I soon realized my mistake and we have been best friends ever since. But this isn’t about Little Britches. This is about the other girl.
The other girl and I became friends right off the bat. She was cool. An older lady deciding to give school a second chance and wanting to better herself. She was a good ten or eleven years older than me. I wasn’t your typical student and I hung out with everyone. First semester went off great, so her and I decided that we would move in together the following semester. I figured that she was older. That meant more responsible. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! After being moved in for only a short couple of weeks, she told me that things weren’t working out and she was moving out. That meant I would be paying a rental payment on a house WAY TOO big for me. Lots of peanut butter jellies, and lots of ramen. If you would have asked me if I thought she was going to leave me high and dry for all those months to be stuck in a house all alone, with only enough money to make it by month to month, I would have told you that you were crazy. Turns out I was. I thought I knew her. I had taken care of everything. Deposit and all because she said she would live there. I even asked her about it. I could go on for days about my stupidity and her lack of responsibility but I won’t. I was proven wrong. She wasn’t a friend. She wasn’t a good suit for a roommate. She wasn’t responsible. You can’t assume someone’s age makes them responsible.
If I’ve gained anything from all my assuming in other people, it is this. What you think is a bad apple can taste the sweetest, and what may look like a good apple can be rotten inside. That’s why you never assume and yet, we always seem to anyways.

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