This weekend was my husband’s turnaround where he got to be off for seven straight days in a row before going back to working weekends. Lucky dog… Anywho, I can up with the idea to go hiking.

We recently have decided for the millionth time to try to change our ways and have been going to the local gym. While it’s all fine and dandy to walk around in circles numerous times to get healthy, it doesn’t scream exciting. I decided it was time to change things up a bit. I made the suggestion and since we are both outdoorsy folk, he was delighted by the idea.

Gotta love Google. I googled parks to figure out what would be a good one nearby and we asked a few people and had the whole weekend set up. Of course, we couldn’t do anything until we made a few purchases. My husband is bound and determined to be prepared for anything. I am pretty sure if we had the money, he would by a bomb shelter and have us moved in with every prepper notion possible. Luckily, we only talk about that.

After talking about what we would need, the decision was made by him that a backpack was needed. For whatever reason, one from home wasn’t good enough so we headed to the store.

“I don’t understand why we can’t take one from home.”

“Cause we need a good one for hiking.”

“We don’t even know if we will like hiking, but I’m pretty sure we will.”

“Why not wait?”

“Found one.”

Next came the water bottles. WE HAVE WATER BOTTLES! Another overruled purchase followed by an eye roll and some noogies later, we had bought our backpack with a built in bladder bag that has a bazillion zippers and two water bottles that would put a couple of camels to shame if in fact camels really held water.

The next morning it was time to start our quest, so he headed to the kitchen with our purchases in tow and started prepping for our journey. Like men often do, or well maybe just mine, he placed the bag precariously on the kitchen counter as he went about filling our bottles and such. After filling the bladder bag and bottles, I asked him if he was thirsty to which he grumbled. And then, it happened. The bag fell into the floor. Curses flew to which I laughed. This bag should be able to hold up to plenty of abuse.

He went about straightening the bag while I headed to the car. I was ready to go. He took a little longer than I thought he would so I went back in to make sure he wasn’t finding other jugs to fill of water or something else crazy. He was taking the bladder bag out of the bag. The bag leaked. He said that it had leaked before the fall but he noticed that if not upright it would leak worse.

I couldn’t help but snicker and shake my head. We bought a backpack. We already have backpacks. What a useless purchase! If you ask him though, it’s the best purchase we made for the trip.

Thanks for reading,